NOTICE: I am a practicing Catholic, active and in good-standing with my local diocese, who professes faith and loyalty to the Church. This ministry - my "little work" - is strictly a personal expression of that faith and loyalty, and not an officially recognized ministry in the Diocese of Honolulu.

~ Peter, Ministry Administrator

Monday, November 1, 2021

Another successful Saints & Relics Presentation...

Holy relics of six Saints and Blesseds on
display at St. John Vianney Church.

Our Saints - what is there not to love?  In life and in death, the Saints LOVE us... they HELP us... they INSPIRE us... they PRAY for us... and they even HEAL us.  In short, they mirror CHRIST to us - perfectly... and during my Saints & Relics Presentations, I emphasize all these attributes of our holy forerunners.

And so it was with the October 25th presentation at St. John Vianney Church in Kailua.  This ministry spoke to the parish's RCIA leaders and students about our Church's long-standing tradition of devotion to Saints, and featured the following saintly individuals and their respective relics: Bl. Alexandrina Maria da Costa, St. Bernadette of Lourdes, St. Charbel Makhlouf, St. Gianna Beretta Molla, Bl. Josaphata Hordashevska, and Bl. Rolando Rivi.

The audience viewing and venerating the 
relics after the presentation.

The group's response to the presentation; to the Saints and Blesseds; their holy relics... was exceptionally positive and enthusiastic.  Praise the Lord!

For everything good they represent, our Catholic Heroes - the Saints - deserve to be remembered and honored.

Happy All Saints Day!

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