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Thursday, November 25, 2021

IMPORTANT - From the Desk of the Bishop of Honolulu

Attention Prayer Warriors!

No matter where you live in America, please consider spiritually participating in this worthy cause beginning Saturday evening, 11/27...

Monthly Message of the Queen of Peace of Medjugorje: November 25th, 2021

   "Dear children!  I am with you in this time of mercy and I am calling all of you to be carriers of peace and love in this world where, through me, little children, God is calling you to be prayer and love, and an expression of Heaven here on earth.  May your hearts be filled with joy and faith in God; that, little children, you may have complete trust in His holy will.  That is why I am with you, because He, the Most High, is sending me among you to encourage you to the hope; and you will be peacemakers in this peaceless world.  Thank you for having responded to my call."

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Coincidence or Something More?

Something big is about to happen in our times, if it hasn't already started - a major shaking up in the world; bigger than Covid-19.  God is simply giving us so many, many remarkable signs these days - it just has to be.  At least that's my personal opinion.

Just this afternoon, while driving home from work, I was praying my St. Michael prayer group's "Cohort Chaplet", which I do daily against the forces of darkness at work in the world.  Reflecting on how evil has such a strong grip on society, I was surprised to see in the sky, ahead of me, a massive image of the Lord formed by a cloud.

It was Jesus' Holy Face in profile and it couldn't be any clearer - features such as an eye, cheekbones, mouth, mustache, and beard were easily recognizable... and his expression was one of intense anguish.  I was awed by the sight but also very disturbed since it brought to my mind the Lord's agony in the Garden of Olives.

The profile of the Holy Face of Jesus, as it
appeared formed by clouds over Honolulu.

I managed to take one photo, which although is not as sharp as I hoped it would be, it at least captures the profile.

A closer view of the image: The expression
was one of pain and reminded me of the agony
in the garden like the painting on the left. 

The scene only lasted for a few moments but seeing the image deeply impressed me; inspiring me to finish the chaplet with more fervor... and a nagging sense of urgency.  I asked Jesus the reason for his pain and within my soul it seemed to me that I "heard" the following response:

"I am once again being crucified...
Pray and make reparation."

Somber words; almost ominous... but was this all just a coincidence - another instance of what I refer to as "spiritual serendipity"?  Or was it something more from Jesus that requires serious reflection on our part?  As mentioned at the start, I have my opinions and, if I feel strongly enough about an unusual experience, I'll post about it... but leave it to each reader to discern and respond for him/herself.  In all things, may God bless us and help us.

Jesus, forgive us for we know
 not what we do.  Have mercy on us.
In you we trust, O Lord.  Amen.