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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Holy Face Medal: Heaven's Coin

"As in a kingdom one can procure all that is
desired with a coin stamped with the King's effigy, so
in the Kingdom of Heaven one will obtain all that one
desires with the precious coin of my Holy Face."

~ Words of Our Lord to Sr. Marie of St. Peter,
Carmelite Mystic (d. 1848)

The Holy Face Medal, as revealed by Heaven to
Bl. Maria Pierina de Micheli.

Family and Friends who know me very well are aware that I’m an enthusiastic devotee of the Holy Face Medal. I wrote a little about the history of the Holy Face Devotion this past July 2011 (click on this link to see the post: Holy Face Devotion), but with the recent celebration on September 11th of the Feast of one of the devotion's most ardent promoters - Bl. Maria Pierina de Micheli (a.k.a. Madre Pierina) - I felt inspired to share more about the special medal that Our Lord had requested through his messenger, Madre Pierina.

A portrait of Jesus painted circa the 6th Century (left) and the Holy Face
of Our Lord, as miraculously imprinted on the Shroud of Turin (right).

Again, the devotion to the Holy Face is not new to the Church; the familiar image of the bearded face of Christ has its origin in the earliest days of Christian history, as confirmed by ancient paintings discovered on the walls of the Roman catacombs. But the devotion has taken on a whole new significance in the 2oth century through the efforts of Madre Pierina and her congregation, the Daughters of the Immaculate Conception of Buenos Aires.

From her childhood and throughout her lifetime, Madre Pierina experienced several mystical visits from Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin, who requested that she promote the image of the suffering face of Jesus Christ as a visual reminder of how sin offends God... and the need for reparation. During the first Friday of Lent in 1936, Jesus reportedly appeared to the devout nun to request the following:

"I wish that my face, which reflects my soul's deepest anguish, the
sorrow and love of my heart, be better honored.  He, who contemplates
me (the Holy Face), consoles me."

In particular, the Lord asked for a new devotional medal to be struck - somewhat resembling a coin - to which he attached special graces and blessings for those who would wear it in the spirit of prayerful atonement.  The front of the medal is imprinted with an image of the Holy Face (based on the image from the Shroud of Turin) surrounded by the inscription:

"Illumina Domine Vultum Tuum Super Nos"
(May the light of your Face shine upon us, O Lord)

... while the reverse of the medal displays the Blessed Sacrament surrounded with:

"Mane Nobiscum Domine"
(Stay with us, O Lord)

The Holy Face Medal, as it came to be called, spread rapidly with innumerable favors being attributed to its pious use. Through Madre Pierina, Jesus conveyed the following promise to all peoples who will exercise this devotion:

"According to the care you take in making reparation to my face,
disfigured by blasphemers, I will take care of yours, which has been
disfigured by sin.  I will reprint on it my image, and render it as beautiful
as it was on leaving the baptismal font.  I promise personal and
spiritual protection to all who venerate this medal."

In a feeble attempt to obstruct Madre Pierina’s mission the devil often harassed her - physically attacking her and setting fire to the supply of Holy Face pictures she kept on hand for distribution. But the brave nun wasn’t easily deterred by the evil one's assaults. Instead, she heroically prayed, sacrificed, and persevered in the mission entrusted to her by Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin, while also scaling the heights of holiness. Her sanctity was attested to by her worthy confessor - the Ven. Hildebrand Gregori - and others who knew her closely. She died in 1945, perfectly fulfilling the personal sentiments that she had written earlier in 1941: "I feel a deep longing to live always united to Jesus, to love him intensely because my death can only be a transport of love with my spouse, Jesus."

 A portrait of Bl. Maria Pierina de Micheli, the Apostle of the Holy Face, and a
1st Class Relic of the Blessed gifted to my ministry by her congregation.

Madre Pierina was declared a Blessed by the Catholic Church on May 30, 2010, sparking renewed interest in her life and work. The message entrusted to her by Heaven has inspired me to wear a Holy Face Medal daily (for over 15 years now) and it has proven to be a source of benediction and spiritual comfort for me. I encourage all Catholics (and even non-Catholics) to wear it, too. For more information about the Holy Face Devotion and Madre Pierina, please visit the website of the Holy Face Association: http://www.holyface.com/.

I close this post by sharing one more promise attached to this medal and devotion. This one was given by Our Lady during one of her private apparitions to Bl. Maria Pierina de Micheli.

"All who wear a medal like this and make, if possible, every Tuesday
visit to the Blessed Sacrament, in order to repair the outrages to the
Holy Face of my son, Jesus, received during his Passion and every day in the
Holy Eucharist, will be strengthened in faith... prompted to defend it...
and will overcome all difficulties internal and external.  Furthermore, they
will have a peaceful death under the loving gaze of my Divine Son."

~ Words of Our Lady to Madre Pierina

*** This lay-ministry currently has a limited supply of gold-colored aluminum Holy Face Medals, which are being offered to the readers of this blog at no charge (Hawaii or US-mainland residents only).  If you would like to receive a medal (one medal per person, per request), please email Peter with your full name and mailing address at guadalupe_house@yahoo.com (indicate 'Holy Face Medal Request' in the subject line).  As an added blessing, the Holy Face Medal will be prayed over and touched to the relic of Bl. Maria Pierina de Micheli pictured above before being mailed to the requestor.


  1. A testimony received, via email from Conor in Wisconsin, concerning the Holy Face Medal. Posted here with the author's permission:

    "Dear Peter,

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sending me a medal! I am so taken with this image of the Holy Face... it's a beautiful reminder of God's love.

    I have recently returned to the church after many years, and see this as a gift from God. Would you kindly say a Hail Mary for me as I journey back into the mystery?

    Peace and Blessings to you; thanks, again..."

  2. Prayer Request:

    Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his conversion to true faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray for the salvation of his soul. Pray for his healing spirit, soul, and body Ask God to reveal his love to Eric.He needs God’s healing love to flow through his life. Please pray that he will come to know The Sacred Heart of Jesus and The Immaculate Heart of Mary. He needs The Blessed Mother’s Kindly Motherly love and care…
    May Our Lady give Eric all the Graces he needs for salvation!!!

    "Holy Mary, Mother of God, please bless Eric McDonald.
    Please bring Eric to Jesus. Please pray for his conversion.
    May God save his soul.
    Holy Mother, rescue Eric and shelter him in Your Motherly Heart!!
    Help me also!

    Jesus, Mary I love you. Save Souls!
    May the light of Christ shine in our hearts
    In the name of Jesus Christ Amen"

    1. Aloha Alfred, 'am praying for your listed intentions - God bless you and yours always.

  3. I would love to have one of your Holy Face Medals.My name is Pam Grimsley and I am fighting cancer of the liver.This would bring me comfort.I pray you can help me Thanky and God bless you Pam Grimsley 744 Oscar Brewer Rd Halls TN 38040πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

    1. Aloha Pam, I'll be happy to mail you a Holy Face Medal. I'll get it out to you, asap. God bless you with increased faith, peace, and healing of your illness. - Peter

  4. I would love to have one of your Holy Face Medals, I'm from Philippines

  5. Aloha Peter��

    Thank you very much for sending a letter with two gold consecrated medals of the Holy Face of the Lord Jesus Christ������
    The medals are beautiful�� I already wear it on a gold chain and I am very happy that it protects me.God bless you ����
    Thank you for your prayer and blessings, I also pray for you and for your Ministry Guadalupe House.������
    Also, take care of yourself and may the Lord God bless you and the Virgin Mary protect you in your life. ����

    Have a nice and nice day. ����

    Yours sincerely, ❤️��



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