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Sunday, March 17, 2024

The Flame of Love graces Hawaii!

"... I am providing you with so powerful
a grace: the burning Flame of Love from
My Heart, that has never before been
offered as it is now."

- Our Lady to Elizabeth Kindelmann

This author had the joy and blessing of attending one of two presentations given today about the Church-approved private revelations called the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary or simply the Flame of Love.  The speaker was none other than Mr. John Sullivan III, the International Coordinator of the devotion's worldwide apostolate.

Mr. Sullivan speaking at St. Pius X
Church in Manoa, Honolulu.

I recall first reading bits about the Flame of Love over 25 years ago from pamphlets, and it's exciting for me to see how the devotion has spread exponentially since gaining approval in 2009!  It now seems to be a frequently discussed topic in various faith-based social media platforms, and there are prayer cenacles throughout the world.  In a time when our society is becoming increasingly godless and, consequently darker, the reported messages received by the late Elizabeth Kindelmann (d. 1985) from Jesus and our Blessed Mother are also highly relevant.  It really does appear to be the hand of God at work.

From what I gathered from this afternoon's talk, the gist of the messages are:

  • The Holy Virgin is lamenting the sins of the world and is offering us her own love - the Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart - which she desires to ignite in our own hearts.

  • Our Lady desires that we not only open ourselves to the gift of the Flame of Love, but to also "add our love to this Flame and pass it on to others..." in order to bring about a positive, spiritual change in the world.

  • The Flame of Love is none other than Jesus, himself, who desires to fill us with Sanctifying Grace and, thus, intimately live within us and work through us.

  • The actual miracle of the Flame of Love is its spreading from one heart to another, causing a blazing conflagration of Divine Love and Light that will "blind" Satan, rendering him powerless in our personal lives; within our families; and through all the world.  Thus, ushering in the era of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as prophesied at Fatima.

It was a great presentation and I found the Flame of Love revelations beautiful and inspiring ... and John's delivery was excellent.  I actually picked him up from the airport this morning so had a one-on-one conversation with John while driving to the church-venue where we attended Mass together - my impression of the man is that he doesn't only tirelessly preach the message, but he is totally committed to living it!  Hence, the sincerity and the passion that was evident during his talk.

Me, with Mr. John Sullivan in St. Pius X
Church prior to the first presentation.

I anticipate our local Church will reap an abundant harvest of good spiritual fruit from these presentations.  In fact, there were clear indications that God was providentially behind John's coming to Hawaii with the Flame of Love message.  First off, he was only initially scheduled to make a 6-hour layover in Honolulu during which he planned to meet with a friend of mine named Margaret ... but when John's scheduled visit to Papua New Guinea fell through, time opened up and Margaret seized the opportunity to connect him with the Coordinator of our Diocesan Evangelization Task Force (another close friend named Dominic).  Amazingly, within an unusually short span of time, Dominic received the necessary approval for John to speak in our diocese and the venues were secured! 

Then, yesterday morning (a day before John's talks), after attending morning Mass at St. John Vianney Church in Kailua, I stopped to pray at the parish's outdoor shrine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  I asked the Blessed Mother for the favor of a solid response to a question I had and snapped a photo of the sky - below is the remarkable pic that resulted:

"I place a beam of light in your hands;
it is the Flame of Love of my heart.  Add
your love to this Flame and pass it
on to others ..."

- Our Lady to Elizabeth Kindelmann,
April 13, 1962

For me and several friends, we discerned the brilliant figure of the Holy Virgin amongst the clouds ... and note the "beams of light" streaming down from her!  The photo not only answered my question but was it also a prophetic, visible sign of special graces to descend upon Hawaii through the Flame of Love?  Based on the serendipitous circumstances, I believe so.  We are indeed being graced in an extraordinary manner, and I thank our Lord and dear Blessed Mother profusely for their kindness towards us.  Praises be to God!

The shrine to the Immaculate Heart of
Mary at St. John Vianney Church (note the
golden flames of love above her heart).

There are more talks scheduled for tomorrow - see here - which I strongly encourage Oahu Residents to attend, if possible.  Otherwise, to learn more about the Flame of Love Devotion, visit its official website by clicking here.

Prayers revealed to Elizabeth Kindelmann.

"We shall fight fire with fire: the fire
of hate with the Fire of Love!  I obtained
this grace from the Eternal Father on
your behalf by virtue of the five Blessed
Wounds of My Divine Son.”

- Our Lady to Elizabeth Kindelmann

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