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Monday, August 13, 2012

An update on the Escarchas...

A manifestation of golden
Escarchas in a tiny rosary-bead
formation after I shared about
the Holy Rosary with a friend.
It's been just about two months since I  first encountered  "Escarchas"... and  as of today the beautifully luminous flakes of various colors continue to intermittently materialize around me and around a  few close friends with whom I share a devotion to our Blessed Mother and the Saints.  After witnessing their mysterious appearance on many occasions and praying over and over to discern them - even seeking guidance from a priest - I'm convinced what's occurring is miraculous in nature and a sign from Heaven.  Hence, I've made it a point to note down several close observations in regards to the Escarchas that some readers may find interesting.  'not sure how much of what I listed below applies to other people who've experienced this grace, but these are just some of my personal observations:

*** First, and foremost, the appearance of Escarchas is always unexpected and unpredictable... they can't be "willed" or prayed to appear, but rather, it's all up to God and His divine will as to when and where they manifest.  From what I've seen, this unique form of Manna appears in varying numbers primarily when there is an atmosphere of deep Christian faith and spirituality: during times of personal or group prayer (especially during the Holy Rosary); quiet spiritual reflection; and during and after Holy Mass (especially during the priest's homily, but I've never seen them materializing during the Consecration).

As far as where they appear, I've witnessed their materialization in my bedroom, at my job, in churches, and even in my car when I've driven to Mass or to prayer events where my pilgrim statue and/or relics were invited.  At these places the Escarchas have manifested on a few of my statues and reliquaries (under the glass covering!), in my palms, on the faces and arms of a couple of  friends, as well as on everyday items such as clothing, blankets, and even on my paperwork at my job.

Golden flakes of Escarchas that appeared on a friend's face (chin, eye) while we were faith-sharing,
and on a pew during Mass at St. John Vianney Church in Enchanted Lakes
(click on all the photos on this posting to view larger images)

*** The Escarchas first appeared as silver and golden flakes, but as weeks went by other colors have manifested, too:  green, red, pink, purple, and various shades of blue.  On a few occasions, the Escarchas were even colorless, resembling very small slivers of clear glass. There are a couple of websites that report the colors signify certain meanings, but I haven't experienced anything to the effect that confirmed that theory.  I did notice, however, that the gold and silver Escarchas frequently appeared during Mass.  

A small statue of Our Lady that is manifesting Escarchas on my desk at work

*** The Escarchas ranged in size and shape from very fine  dust-like flakes to larger hexagonal particles; on one occasion, an Escarcha even took the form of a bright red heart (see below), which caught me by surprise and touched me deeply!  Stranger still, at two other times, they materialized in the form of crystalline particles resembling very tiny bits of "rock salt" (there was nothing around me that remotely resembled salt), recalling to mind the significance of salt in Sacred Scripture.

With the mention of the colorless and crystal-like forms, I also want to add that although Escarchas have often been described as "glitter", they are not - there are clear differences in size, shape, and texture from man-made glitter.  In fact, the sense I've gotten is that Escarchas are organic (natural) in composition rather than synthetic (artificial).   

This amazing Escarcha has been interpreted by me to be a reminder that
Christ expresses His love for us through the Mass and the Eucharist

*** The Escarchas always appeared preceded by a small, but very bright "sparkle" of light... to best describe how they appear, my immediate vicinity could be clear of any type of small debris, when suddenly, a little sparkle of white or colored light (like a tiny star!) will appear out of nowhere only to be replaced by an Escarcha.  I have never seen them falling or "raining" down as described by witnesses on other religious websites.

After having collected many of the Escarchas with scotch tape, I noticed that they seem to maintain and emit their own "luminosity" rather than reflecting light from another source... and their vivid colors appear to be enhanced by the light that shines from them, which are often the same color as the Escarchas themselves.

Countless Escarchas that appeared on a friend's arm after she participated
at a First Saturday Rosary for Peace at St. Anthony's Church in Kailua
(click on the triangle at the bottom-left to play the video)

*** The Escarchas, at times, have changed from one color to another.  For example, on one occasion while I was at Mass, an Escarcha manifested near my foot.  I picked-up the glittery flake with a finger and clearly saw that it was silver in color, and I rubbed it into a crease in my palm as a way of safekeeping it until I could collect it with tape. Later, when I opened my hand, I noticed that the same Escarcha had turned bright gold!  At least one other person who I shared a few Escarchas with has reported back to me about its color-changing properties.

Shiny, multi-colored Escarchas that I collected with tape in a span of several days,
and later affixed to prayer cards that were shared with sick family and friends

*** Lastly, the Escarchas have sometimes mysteriously multiplied, and likewise, disappeared.  On several occasions, I've seen  a single flake  materialize on  the surface of something, and after I collected it with a piece of tape, there would suddenly be other Escarchas on the same item or on my fingers!  A few friends with whom I have shared some of the Escarchas with  have reported how the glittery particles have later manifested  on, or around them, during their  personal prayer times, which could also be interpreted as a form of multiplication.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I've seen Escarchas materialize only to vanish as mysteriously as they appeared. More than once, I've put my finger on an Escarcha in order to place it on a piece of tape, but when I looked at my finger, the Escarcha was no where to be seen.

Several Escarchas that appeared and multiplied in both my palms after
I attended a Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace in Honolulu

I have to admit that I'm still baffled as to why this is all happening to me and to my friends. One website that I researched stated that Escarchas are a special sign of the Blessed Mother's presence, or even the Holy Spirit.  I believe the statement is, for the most part, true... and in my experiences I feel strongly that they are connected to the Rosa Mystica Devotion, which I promote.  But I certainly don't claim to be some sort of mystic, nor do I feel particularly worthy of having Our Lady or the Holy Spirit bless me in such a wondrous manner.

What I do know for sure is that each time I witnessed the appearance of Escarchas, I felt a deep conviction in my soul that God exists and He's very, very close to us; not distant and beyond reach as some people may imagine... and He loves us very much and desires us to know it and sense it tangibly.  At the same time, I felt inspired to love God in a deeper manner and my heart was filled with profound joy and gratitude.

The colors in this beautiful photo that I found online best capture
the vivid colors of the Escarchas that I've witnessed

I think a dear friend inadvertently hinted on the purpose of Escarchas when she once made a comment to me after I shared a few gold and green Escarchas with her.  In a tone tinged with emotion, she told me that it was truly "dust from Heaven"... and that if the mere dust from Heaven could be so "beautiful", she can hardly wait to see the rest of God's Kingdom. It was at that point that I came to realize that through the grace of the Escarchas, Jesus was generously giving us just a tiny "sample" of the wonder and glory of his Kingdom and the reward that awaits all of us who believe in Him and remain faithful.

My faith has definitely grown and I, too, am excitedly looking forward to the day when I will finally get to see the full splendor of Heaven in person... and what a sight that will be! Our God is truly a God of marvels... Hallelujah... Hallelujah... Hallelujah!

“For behold, darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples;
but the Lord will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you.”
~ Isaiah 60:2


  1. Hi, excuse me. The escarchas be manifest after your prayer ? In the night ? You have a particular prayer ? tell me please....tanks


  2. Hello Mario,

    In answer to your questions, the Escarchas have appeared unexpectedly at all hours of the day mainly during times when I was in prayer or during spiritual meditation. Also, on several occasions while discussing Our Lady, the Saints, and other spiritual matters with close friends, the Escarchas have suddenly materialized on our skin or clothing, or on objects around us (e.g. table). It was always a pleasant surprise and we made sure to thank Jesus when we witnessed these manifestations.

    As far as having a particular prayer, I found that it really doesn't matter... a person cannot pray for Escarchas to appear, they just do according to the Lord's mysterious designs (I still don't understand myself why I receive them). Escarchas have appeared on or around me during the Mass, while praying the Rosary, while speaking about spiritual things, or simply while looking at a picture of the Blessed Mother that I keep on my work desk.

    For me personally, I attribute the Escarchas mainly to Our Lady's intercession, especially under her title of the Rosa Mystica. From what I've seen on the internet, it appears that many other people who own a Rosa Mystica statue, have also experienced Escarchas so I speculate there must be a strong connection with the Rosa Mystica devotion and message.

    1. I googled escarchas this morning and although I knew about and seen it on statues at Gold Coast Australia I wanted to check out any latest reports.
      At midday I was talking to friend on the phone looked down and there it was a small number of the miraculous glitter on my arm. I took a photo of it and I feel blessed as I never thought I would be considered prayerful enough to receive it.
      I do like to attend daily Mass and belong to a prayer group where we pray the Rosary Stations of the cross and other prayers every Thursday

    2. Thank you, Friend, for sharing your story. I've read about the events at Gold Coast, Australia - amazing. God is affirming your faith in Him and your devotion to Bless Mother. God bless you.

  3. As I sat in a waiting room in Boston, another lady came to me and told me I had Escarchas. She gave me websites, and sure enough this is what I've had most of my life that I have been picked on for always being glittery. I am honored.

  4. Thanks for sharing your Escarchas Story, Sherri. Jesus and Our Lady be with you always.

  5. How do we know that it is not glitter from another Woman or childs clothing or make up? Or from decorations for festivities? I have seen glitter almost everywhere I go especially at church but did not consider it miraculous as the children clothes would rub off against other materials, Church decorations etc. This was also prior before know about the Escarcha phenomenon. Also, I read a article of an anonymous priest testimony as to what the meaning of Escarchas and its meaning given to him allegedly by the virgin mary. http://miracle-witness.blogspot.com/2011/08/escarchas-gods-glitter.html Yet I have seen articles of miraculous escarcha of a totally different color to that named by the anonymous priest. As a believer in God but also in frauds of the overly pious, I have to say that that "I" believe that 99% of Escharcha claims are indeed fake. (Emma de Guzman is an exception) And I feel the phenomena of glitter serves as a door way to fanaticism and irrationality since now any piece of glitter we see will be considered miraculous.

    Please enlighten me more of this phenomena as I am too also very devoted to the Rosa Mystica as an Ex seminarian.

  6. Dear Friend,

    I appreciate your comment and I completely understand why you (or anyone else) would be skeptical of Escarchas. Until it happened to me, I didn’t take reports of Escarchas very seriously, too. With that said, there’s really nothing much I can add to what I’ve already shared on this blog about my experiences with Escarchas… nor is my expectation to have every person believe what I share.

    In response to your question as to whether it could be craft-supply glitter, women’s make-up, or some other man-made glittery material… at the start of my experiences in June 2012, the thought did cross my mind that it could all be explained by one, or more, of those factors, especially when the Escarchas appeared in a public setting (e.g. my workplace or in church). However, I soon had to dismiss that theory when Escarchas began appearing on my person, or around my vicinity, while I was alone in my bedroom where I have no glittery objects present. Furthermore, for some of the objects and places in which they have manifested, it’s simply impossible to attribute external factors. To give you a couple of examples… I’ve witnessed Escarchas appear on a two relics I have in my custody BEHIND the glass cover of their sealed metal cases… and on another occasion, a laminated photo I have of the original Rosa Mystica statue in Montichiari was found sprinkled with Escarchas UNDER the plastic!

    I’d also like to point out that I am not alone in witnessing this phenomenon. Family members and close friends of mine have seen the appearances of Escarchas, too. In fact, a cousin of mine who was initially skeptical once ridiculed me about it… and almost immediately after, a larger-than-normal golden Escarcha flake suddenly appeared on his face – directly under his right eye - while he was alone in one of our bathrooms. He said he saw it suddenly appear in a sparkle of bright light while he was washing his hands and looking in the mirror… and showed us the glittery particle still stuck on his face. I knew it wasn’t there before and he had no reason to fake the incident… but now he believes in the phenomenon.

    I could go on and on with other stories about what me and my close associates have experienced… but I know regardless of what I share in writing or, even via the many photos I’ve taken in my attempt to document my experiences, there are people who will still have doubts. I’m fine with it. As I stated at the beginning of this reply, I can completely appreciate people’s healthy skeptism, knowing that I too once had doubts. To this day, when they appear (not as frequently they used to), I still find myself baffled and in awe about it. I simply thank the Lord and allow myself to be filled with the joy and gratitude over his wondrous power.

  7. Could you do a post on the Escarcha you mentioned behind the glass cased relics? (With photographs)

  8. I love reading your accounts of the "escarchas", as I too have been (and continue to be) blessed with this heavenly gift. Much of what you have described is similar to my own experience. I had read about this phenomenon, but never imagined that I would actually experience it myself! I received this wonderful blessing in July of last year (2013) while attending a healing mass at a church here in the greater Los Angeles area, which was officiated by a visiting priest from the Phillipines, Fa. Joey Faller, who is known for his healing gift. Fa. Joey mentioned the "glitters" and said they are a gift from Our Lady, and prayed that they might manifest during the course of the evening; little did I imagine that I would be one of the people on whom they would manifest. But during the time right after the mass, when Fa. Joey was praying over the individuals who had requested his healing prayers, and I was waiting for my turn, a gentleman told me that he saw glitters on my face! I looked in my little compact mirror and sure enough.....there were silvery glitters on my face, and later they appeared on my hands as well. Since that time, I have been experiencing many manifestations of the escarchas, and as in the above article, they appear unexpectedly, in a variety of ways. Some are very tiny and multicolored; some are larger (usually gold), and appear oftentimes on a religious picture, either in my home, or in a church setting. I make jewelry, and I always pray before I work on my new pieces; and of late, glitters will appear on my hands, my work table, or bedside table close to where I'm working. They have also appeared on the pages of spiritual books I'm reading! (That manifestation just started recently). I could go on and on.........and no matter how many times they appear, their shape, size or color-----I am always so amazed, overjoyed and grateful when I see them. Sometimes a glitter (or several) will appear on someone's face when I'm talking with them. Also, I've sent friends holy cards with a few glitters taped to them, and then later, they start seeing the glitters too. What a beautiful, marvelous gift this is, and I am happy, so happy to share this experience with others so that they, too, may have more faith and feel closer to God, Jesus, Mother Mary, the angels, and all the heavenly kingdom!!

    1. Hello Magomusic, thank you for sharing your personal testimony about the grace of escarchas. Your experiences and your feelings about what are happening to you are similar to my own. I found your words - "I always pray before I work" - followed by your description of how the escarchas later appear on your hands and your work area, particularly interesting and significant.

      I have a little "shrine" in my work area at my job and I pray quietly throughout the day whenever I look upon the little religious images on that part of my cubicle. Escarchas have since appeared on my hands, on my desk, and on the paperwork while I'm working, despite how often I wipe my desk with wet wipes. I've come to accept these manifestations of escarchas at my workplace as Jesus' way of sanctifying the work I do since I pray a "daily offering" every morning to God, during which I offer Him everything I am and what I accomplish in the day - united to the merits of Christ - for the good of my soul and for whatever His intentions may be. It really is a wonderful feeling to receive some sort of visible confirmation that my prayers are being heard... and that Jesus and Mary are so close to us. Like you, my faith has increased, which has consequently drawn me closer to God.

      Again, thank you for your wonderful sharing!

  9. Just wanted to share, that today, while working on some jewelry, I had a very lovely "escarcha" manifestation! I was working on a bracelet with red and white pearl beads, with little silvery hearts, when I suddenly noticed a tiny red "glitter" flake on my work table. When I examined it more carefully with my magnifying glass, I saw that it was actually in the shape of tiny heart, very similar to the one in your photo on this page!!! This is the second time a larger glitter "flake" has appeared while I'm working on jewelry, and both times the pieces were red, and the "flake" was also a bright red!! On another occasion, while working with small ruby beads, tiny reddish glitters did appear, but not as large as these glitter flakes. The first one was shaped like a crescent moon (which of course is reminiscent of Our Lady), and then today, it was a tiny heart!!! I just feel these little "heavenly gifts" are a message of love from Mary and Jesus and our heavenly friends, and also, the red color has a special significance for me because of the strong connection I have with the Divine Mercy devotion. Anyway, just wanted to share this lovely happening and express my gratitude to God for these gifts!!

  10. Thank you for sharing these miracles. After talking about such things with a very old dear friend I felt led to understand more.
    Since a child I have loved sparkley things somehow knowing deep within these were the things of heaven. Looking back I may have experienced this and did think God was involved but not understanding it is a known manifestation of God's Love. I look forward to what blessings and graces are to come. Many blessings to you all!

    1. Thank you for sharing your personal story, Pearly.

  11. Praised be Jesus and Mary!
    I am Bebeth Durano from Iligan City, Philippines. I am a devotee of the Blessed Mother since I was young. Since 1997, I have organized Saturday cenacles with the 3 Pilgrim Icons of Mother of Perpetual Help. In May 2014, the 4ft statue of Our Lady, Mary Mediatrix of All Grace and her little statue had started another 2 cenacle groups. The icons and the statues had already manifested the presence of Mama Mary through water dripping from roses as I touched them to the pilgrim images; sometimes heavenly rose fragrance was experienced by the group.
    After the first Saturday Cenacle this June 2014, the 19th anniversary of the Cenacle group, I noticed very tiny glitters of silver and gold on my face,palms and arms. At first, I was bewildered where they came from. They appear more when I pray with the group, at home when I pray the Divine Office (I am a Secular Carmelite OCDS), and attends mass. They won't come off even with daily bath. They are always with me since then. Some of my companions have them as I shared and show the tiny escarchas. The tiny glitters are more visible with sunlight.
    I am so happy that I have read your article and the testimonies about escarchas. Finally, I have answers and confirm that it is really the Blessed Mother's manifestation of her loving presence. Thank you so much for posting.

    1. Sorry, correction please.This was June 2016, when escarchas started to appear. It was written June 2014.

    2. Dear Bebeth, thank you for sharing your personal experiences concerning Our Lady and escarchas. Your story is a wonderful testimony as to how Heaven is so close to us; how Jesus and Our Lady are always eager to be a part of our lives and in our midst, especially during prayer time. God continue to bless you and all the members of your prayer cenacles. Please pray for me and this ministry, as well. Thank you again.

  12. Hi, I'm from a little town in Northern Ontario in Canada. I don't know how long my hands have "sparkled", but, they do, constantly. The "sparkles" are like tiny points of light that flash, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast, and sometimes they stay visible for quite some time. It's very interesting to say the least. I also noticed some "sparkles" on my friends fingertips last year. It is only today that I have come across the term "escarchas". As this is the only message board I have come across with actual testimonies I thought it best to post my experiences here. I'm not sure what to make of these little lights on my skin. Science doesn't offer any conclusions, but at least here on this website people are talking about them. So that's a good sign. Anyway that's it for me. -Matthew.

    1. Thanks, Matt, for sharing your story. Given my own experiences in the realm of spiritual manifestations, I've come to believe that there are wondrous things that happen in this world that science cannot always explain. I can't comment for sure that your personal experience is what this blog and other faith-based websites describe as, 'escarchas', because you didn't elaborate on the circumstances surrounding the sparkles appearing on you. Generally, escarchas allegedly appear as a sign or affirmation from God during faith-related circumstances (e.g. Prayer Meetings, Marian apparitions, etc.). What you described, though, is fascinating and does seem like what I've experienced myself... and I pray that these luminous manifestations in your life are leading you and others into a deeper, blessing-filled relationship with Christ. So God bless you, Matt, and thanks again for sharing!

  13. Thank you for sharing this! I can see that you have a great love and passion for Jesus Christ. One thing I would like to know more about. I worship Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, and father God without reservation. Yet, I do not understand the biblical basis for praying to Mary. I've experienced great and miraculous manifestations over the years and love Jesus with my whole heart. Are you every concerned that worshipping Mary (a mortal) does not bring God glory?

    1. Dear friend, in response to your question, my response is two-fold:

      1) First off, the Catholic Church does not allow worship of Mary, nor does it allow the worship of our Saints. The Church teaches that to worship anyone, or anything, other than God, would be a grave sin.

      In regards to the Church's devotion to Mary we, as Catholics, recognize the unique and sublime role Mary plays in mankind's redemption; she was not just a random choice by God, among other women of her time, when the time came for Jesus to be incarnated... but rather she was a deliberate part of His plan from the time of the fall of mankind in the garden of Eden.

      Mary is the "Woman" prophesied in the Book of Genesis who will be in "enmity" with the serpent (aka devil); the "Woman", who Jesus commended to all mankind (via His words to St. John) to be our "Mother", as He was dying on the Cross; and the "Woman clothed with the Sun" from the Book of Revelation. These scriptural references are striking and clear in the manner they progressively reference Mary's cooperative and glorious role in our Salvation History. This was the mind-set of the Church from the very infancy of Christianity, as evidenced by the writings of the Early Church Fathers who held the Blessed Virgin in high regard and referred to her as the "New Eve". As such, the Church honors her and has set her up as the ultimate role-model of faith that all should strive to imitate.

      2) As far as being concerned whether my devotion to Mary takes away from the glory of God, I have no such concern. Just ask yourself this - does Jesus love Mary? The answer should be obvious. Besides, if He didn't love and respect her, He'd be breaking one of the most fundamental commandments given to us by God, Himself... which is simply inconceivable. So if Jesus indeed loved his Mother - and I dare say that His love and affection for her was on a category all its own - why shouldn't we love and respect her, as well? If we claim to profess love for Christ, it would only make sense that we love all things that are especially dear to Him, including His own Mama; the woman who nursed and raised Him, changed His daipers, cooked His meals, washed His clothes, and was the only person there with Him from the moment of His birth and to the moment He died.

      This is why I shudder when I read about, or watch clips, of people (including brethren of other Christian denominations) outright insulting the Blessed Virgin. How could that be pleasing to Jesus in any way? If any sensible person would be offended if his/her parent(s) were insulted in anyway, I can just imagine our Lord being offended and/or hurt when people insult the person most closest to His Divine Heart. And on the flipside of the coin, I firmly believe it gives Jesus pleasure when people show love and respect towards His mother. It's all common sense.

      Besides, Mary's role, as the Church always reiterates was not just to bring Jesus into the world but to also lead others to Him through her intercession. This is demonstrated at the wedding in Cana when Mary interceded with Jesus for the wedding couple when they ran out of wine... then directed the servants to "Do whatever he (Jesus) tells you." She was the first to bear witness to her Son's Divinity; what He was capable of doing... and rightly commanded that we do His will (not hers) so Jesus could do His work.

      In closing, I can honestly testify that my devotion to Mary (and the Saints, too) has deepened my faith and love for Christ; enriched me in a way that I truly feel I am part of Jesus' personal life - his Holy Family. Wonderful signal graces, including escarchas, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to just how blessed I have been by both Jesus and Mary. I can't thank Mary enough for what she has done for me in my life.

      May Mary touch your heart, in the same way she touched mine... and lead you to a new level of faith in her Son, Jesus. God bless you.

    2. Alright, a little much... It's one thing to honor and respect Mary but you clearly to see Mary as some form of greatest on the level Christ and as a Christian, born again, I cannot help but interrupt your poor practice and teachings among my fellow brothers and sisters. Mary was important, for sure, but for you to admit worship to Mary in the place of Christ and He Himself? You're delusional and I will gladly be praying for your promotion of blatant Sin.

      Farewell and God Bless Your Soul.

    3. You must have misunderstood my comments made above. It clearly states I don't worship Mary... and neither do responsible Catholics. Although I do appreciate the offer of your prayer I would rather you pray the Lord to enlighten you about true devotion to His mother; about understanding the genuine love He bears for her in His Divine heart. I am at peace with my relationship with Christ and confirmed in my Catholic Faith. No need to be concerned for me.