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Monday, June 13, 2011

Recommended Reading: "He and I"

A photo of Gabrielle Bossis and the book compiling
her communications with Jesus

I was at a church meeting the other night, when the conversation briefly turned to a certain book that one of the women had been reading little by little, on a daily basis; it was a book filled with alleged messages from Jesus to two women. After describing the book to me, I was immediately reminded of a similar book that I often read over and over, for the past 18 years, especially when I'm in need of spiritual encouragement; that special book is called, "He and I". After the meeting, I went home and took up my copy and slowly browsed over some of its passages... as always, my heart was filled with God's peace.

For those not familiar with this gem of a book, He and I is actually the published journal of a pious, aristocratic French woman named Gabrielle Bossis. Gabrielle was famous in her time and in her home country for having been a successful playwrite and stage actress with a comedic flair. In her latter years she reportedly heard the voice of Christ speaking to her regularly, especially during her prayer time and devotions; it was an intimate relationship, which lasted until shortly before her death in 1950.

While still living, Gabrielle had maintained a strict discretion about her experiences, and although her spiritual director had begun to publish the words she heard from Jesus, her identity was kept a secret. He and I became a huge spiritual success and continues to touch hearts up to the present day. Below are just a few quotes from the messages spoken by Christ to Gabrielle - 'pearls' from the book that I'd like to share with you...

'I am no longer on earth, so take my place.'
(March 10, 1937)

'Don't get the idea that a Saint is a Saint at every moment.  But there is
always my grace...  You must aim at perfection. But the perfection of your nature.
This is the way you will please me.'
(April 9, 1937)

'Enjoy me.  Give yourself a rest from saying your prayers so you may enjoy my Love.' 
(After Gabrielle received Holy Communion - April 28, 1939)

'When you ask, believe that I am good enough to answer you,
otherwise you will deprive me of the joy of giving.' 
(June 3, 1939)

'Thank me spontaneously as you would thank someone very dear to you.
I'm not just a messenger of suffering as so many imagine.  I am also the giver of
joys and I love your thanks, my little children; don't deprive me of this.'
(After Gabrielle experienced a great joy - November 25,  1940)

'... I am the friend who does good in the home and who sometimes
slips away before being recognized and thanked.'
(September 14, 1944)

'If you suffer, I am there to suffer with you.  And this is my cross again -
this suffering in your suffering.  Share it with me, for everything depends on oneness.
And if you believe in my Love, suffering will be sweet to you.  It will seem like
a little return for what I have given you...'
(September 28, 1944)

'... The weakness of your nature causes you to fall, and it's the humble effort
you make to get up and go on, the effort to please me that charms your Beloved.
And this is a joy, a joy for God.  Isn't that strange?  Later on you will see.
Later on you will understand.  Believe in that "later on".'
(While Gabrielle was making a Holy Hour - September 6, 1945)

'Pray.  Show an example of heartwarming love.  You remember
how good my mother and St. Joseph were to all those who received them
during their travels.  Long afterward people remembered their visit.
They left a wake of blessings all along their way.'
(September 12, 1945)

'Remember...  I traveled all your roads.'
(While Gabrielle was experiencing a moment of sadness - February 13, 1947)

'But each day is a first creation.  Not one is like another.
I never stop creating.  And it is all for all of you.  If I didn't hold you up, you
would cease to exist.  Will you love me enough to thank me for it?'
(While Gabrielle was enjoying the changing shapes of clouds - September 30, 1948)

'My child, ponder more often on the value of the present moment,
the danger of going back over the past and the uselessness of gazing into the future.
Just live the little moment you hold in your hands.  Simply and lovingly.'
(March 30, 1949)

If you enjoyed reading the above quotes, then I highly recommend you get the book - He and I will enrich your soul for the rest of your life, if you read it with the eyes of faith.  God bless!

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