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Monday, September 27, 2021

For Discernment...

Early today, while walking from my car to my parish church in Kailua for morning Mass, I was surprised by a spectacular sight - there, above the church was the brilliant figure of our Blessed Mother looking like her statues of Our Lady of Fatima!  I was stunned, to say the least, but I quickly took two photos with my cellphone (the clearest image is shown below)... and without much thinking, I uttered, "What is it, Our Lady?"

The Holy Virgin above the church roof,
to the right of the steeple.  A closer view of
her glowing silhouette is shown below (note
its difference in color from the clouds)...

... and to my astonishment, there was actually a response - as she started to fade I heard the following reply not with my ears but within my heart; words spoken clearly and slowly:

"Love... my... Son."

I was deeply impressed and excited throughout the entire Mass; the message resonated in me and if it wasn't enough - fine flakes of escarchas manifested on my palms after the Consecration.

I'm convinced this experience and the words I heard weren't meant for just me, alone - I discerned it's intended for everyone.  There was a quality to the tone of the voice that was commanding and somber, and almost pleading, too... which is why I felt the need to share this message.

Please - LOVE HER SON.

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