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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pilgrim Virgin & Holy Relic Visitation: Gallardo Residence, 11/19/2013

Maria Rosa Mystica, ora pro nobis!
My Rosa Mystica statue and a Holy Relic from Our Lady on display
during a pilgrim visit to a home in Waimanalo, Hawaii.

Tonight, my Rosa Mystica pilgrim statue and the Sacred Relic of Our Lady's dress were invited to visit the Waimanalo home of the Gallardo Family, a lively group of devout Hispanics.  The lady of the house, Luisa, is a frequent participant of our First Saturday Rosary for Peace at my Kailua parish of St. Anthony of Padua Church and we have since become friends.
Since coming to my parish for the Rosary for Peace, Luisa had felt herself inspired to also start a monthly Rosary Prayer Meeting in her home - with her family - and she asked my assistance in establishing a program for them, which I drafted and printed into large Spanish-language prayer cards.  So tonight was the first night the Gallardo Family and their friends - about 15 of them - got together to pray the Holy Rosary and other prayers I gathered and printed for them.
The family, being Mexican in ancestry, chose to pray under the patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which gave me great joy, given my affinity with the Guadalupe Devotion.  We began the meeting with an opening prayer, a Scripture Reading, and a message from Our Lady of Medjugorje before going into the Rosary, itself.  It was a rocky start but I encouraged the normally shy Luisa to take control of the situation and to lead us firmly through the program.  Soon everyone got into the soothing rhythm of the Rosary Prayer and things smoothed over quickly.  Before we knew it, all the prayers were over...
Shiny flakes of golden escarchas (circled in red) manifesting on the face of my host, Luisa.
... and it was then we discovered that Our Lady had granted us a special blessing: Escarchas, in the form of fine gold flakes began appearing on the face of our host.  The Escarchas were seen on Luisa's forehead and under her eyes although there was nothing glittery around us, and she was clearly not wearing any make-up.  I knew with conviction that I was seeing another manifestation of Escarchas in connection with the Rosa Mystica Devotion.  All of us saw the beautiful flakes of gold and I managed to photograph a couple of the shiny sparkles using my cellphone.

I later left the Gallardo home excited, edified, and deeply grateful to God and to Our Lady for having witnessed their tangible graces being poured down upon this kind and generous family, who opened their home to them through prayer.  God bless them and may their new prayer group prosper and be spiritually fruitful!  Amen.

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