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Saturday, December 29, 2012

A morning filled with God's blessings...

Every day is a blessing from God... but today started off with exceptional blessings through the generosity of our dear Lord, Jesus Christ.  First, and foremost, I attended Mass this morning at St. John Vianney Church in neighboring Enchanted Lakes (left photo) and received Jesus through the Holy Eucharist.  It was wonderful.
Secondly, I ran into a dear friend of mine in the church after the Mass - a Sister-in-Christ named Eloise from my old, weekly prayer meetings - who I rarely see now.  We sat in a pew and spent some time catching-up and faith-sharing about what we've been up to for the past several months.  The time we spent together was also a joy and a blessing from God as we both recognized in each other the continued presence and love of the Lord in our lives and in our families.
Lastly, as Eloise and I sat talking about spiritual matters, I happened to glance out the large glass windows of the church and noticed an odd, but remarkable, light/shadow formation taking shape on a wall across a narrow stream that bordered the parish property - to my surprise, the formation began to resemble an image of the Holy Face of Christ Crucified.
I briefly interrupted our conversation and rushed to take a couple of cellphone photos of the wall and the image before pointing out the face to my friend; she immediately recognized it, too.  So we both joyfully gave thanks to God for this additional grace, and discussed the relevant appearance of the blessed image since the topic of our discussion at that same instance happened to be about... letting go of any darkness from the past so as to live in God's light
I'm not trying to persuade anyone that the uncanny image was truly a little sign from Jesus... but I can definitely testify that the Lord's timing is always impeccable!  God is good.
"The Lord bless thee, and keep thee.  The Lord show His Face to thee, and have mercy on thee.
The Lord turn His Countenance to thee, and give thee peace."

Numbers 6:24-26


  1. Hello, my security camera at my home captured a similar image outside of my bedroom. I would like to share it with you. I also had someone render a picture of the image we captured with the camera.


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