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Saturday, October 2, 2021

A Milestone and a Miracle Icon; a First Saturday to remember...

Today's first Saturday was extra-special for two reasons...


First off, our Kailua parish's monthly First Saturday Rosary Devotion celebrated its 11th-year anniversary today - HOORAY!  I'm happy to report that, except for the brief period of time our island's churches were closed due to the pandemic, this devotion has never been interrupted since October 2010, when we first started it... and it's still going strong.  GOD IS GOOD!

So today we continued to pray for much-needed peace in our tumultuous world and, God willing, we will continue to do so for many more years.

The inside of St. Anthony of Padua Church, Kailua, during the first Saturday Rosary.
Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Divine Mercy are particularly invoked.


Just a few months ago, the small Russian Orthodox Church housing the world-famous Hawaiian Iveron Icon relocated from Honolulu to - of all places - Kailua; in fact, just about two blocks away from my parish church!  The miraculous icon of the Holy Mother and Child has been streaming fragrant myrrh (a watery oil-like substance) since 2007.  In June 2008, after an investigation, the Russian Orthodox Church declared it a genuine miracle.  Since then, the icon has traveled the world bringing healing and consolation to many souls.

Today, I finally had a chance to stop by the church after our parish Rosary ended to venerate the icon, which just returned to Hawaii after touring the US east coast.  The aura of Our Lady's presence surrounding this sacred image is very tangible, as it continues to inexplicably seep oil (see below)... and its odor of fresh roses is just heavenly!

View the footage below, which I filmed of
the streaming icon.

Streaks of aromatic myrrh are visible on the
surface of the holy image.

This viewing of the Iveron Icon would be my 3rd time but, still - it never fails to amaze and touch me.  Two friends who came along with me for their very first visits, were themselves, very positively impressed by their experiences.  I'm sure we'll all be back soon.

Standing beside the miracle icon
with a copy of it.

This time around, I made a few new friends amongst our Orthodox brethren, plus obtained a beautiful copy of the icon for personal veneration in my home.  I was allowed to touch my icon to the original miracle image so I came home with a meaningful remembrance of this extra-special First Saturday.  GOD IS GOOD!

Saturday evening prayer service in the stunning
Russian Orthodox church, Kailua.

+ + +  To learn about the original miraculous Theotokos of Iveron icon, click here.  + + +

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