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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Who is like God?

Last week I had another vivid dream - a striking one - which both terrified and inspired me.  I felt there was an urgent, underlying message in it for everyone and, after mulling over it for several days, I decided to post about it, at least part of it...

In my dream, I saw a massive group of "beings" - an army, more like - who seemed to be completely made of light.  One, in particular, caught my attention - despite his brilliant "aura", I was somehow able to make out most of his features: he looked to be about 18 to 20 years old; handsome with thick, long light blond hair; a golden diadem with a blue triangular centerpiece rested on his forehead.  He wore a dazzling white robe.

Despite his youthful appearance, I felt an immense POWER emanating from this person; his force was further manifested, via light that seemed to illuminate him from the inside out.  It was so intense, it shown from his eyes and mouth like a glow whenever he blinked and opened his mouth.  Because of this internal light, I could not discern the color of his eyes.

I wondered to myself who this being could be but it was only after he spoke that I was firmly convinced of his identity - focusing his piercing gaze at something at a distance, he shouted with a deep booming voice, tinged with indignation:


I knew then it was St. Michael, the Archangel... and I was like "WOW!"; impressed and in complete awe over his persona... and his splendor seemed to increase even more immediately after he spoke!

I would never have guessed it was the archangel because the being I saw did not resemble anything like the traditional images of St. Michael we're used to seeing with armor, a sword, wings (curiously, I didn't see any), and dark wavy hair, etc.  It made me even more intrigued.

I'll end here with the dream description... but, personally, I have a sense of what all the imagery was intended to convey - it was a challenge directed at the enemies of God, as well as, an urgent battlecry forewarning of a dramatic escalation of the ongoing spiritual war between the forces of Good and Evil, which I'll leave to the reader to discern, or to dismiss.  Either way, it doesn't matter to me what others think.  I've already decided on my response to all of this - whatever happens, I stand with St. Michael.

... so fast forward to today.  I'm still quite taken by this entire experience and had to put something down on paper because I don't want to forget it.  The drawing below is the result of a 7 hour effort to record, as close as possible, what I recall... although, honestly, it doesn't do any justice to the real deal.  But how can one ever draw on paper a creature made of light upon light?  For obvious reasons, I chose to title this latest artwork of mine, "Who Is Like God".

Dream, vision, or mere imagination, something in me has changed concerning St. Michael.  I feel as though I caught a small glimpse of the magnitude of his role as Leader of the Heavenly Army.  As I stated earlier - the archangel has POWER and, we, the People of God, should be overjoyed and assured that we have him and all the other Holy Angels fighting on OUR side.  They/We will win one day.

So now, when I pray the St. Michael Prayer each day, I do so with a newfound devotion and respect for St. Michael; deeply personal.  He rightfully deserves the veneration and respect the Church has shown him for centuries.  St. Michael, pray for us!

St. Michael, the Archangel,
defend us in the day of battle.  Be
our safeguard against the wickedness
and snares of the devil and, do thou,
O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the
 power of God, cast into hell Satan and
all the evil spirits who prowl
through the world seeking the
ruin of souls.  Amen.

Stand with St. Michael!

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