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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pilgrim Statue & Holy Relic Visitation: The Feast of Our Lady's Assumption, 8/15/2012

Feast Day observances at St. Anthony's Church, Kailua

Today, the Church celebrated the Feast of Our Lady's Assumption.  Although it isn't a Holy Day of Obligation in the Diocese of Honolulu, our parish priest - Fr. Clarence - was still eager to honor our Blessed Mother by celebrating an evening Mass in observance of the Feast. My Rosa Mystica pilgrim statue and Our Lady's "ex velo" relic were invited to participate in the service and I was happy to oblige since  I am a firm believer that no celebration in honor of Mary would be complete without a statue or painting of her in attendance.

As expected, the evening service was beautiful and meaningful. Fr. Clarence again conducted one of his Marian-oriented homilies in which he incorporates the singing of several traditional and time-honored hymns especially dedicated to Our Lady.  I always find myself deeply stirred and "chicken-skinned" when I hear the entire congregation united in one voice, lovingly praising our Blessed Mother in song, in  a manner that she deserves from us - her adopted children through Christ, her Divine Son.

After the Mass, the festivities concluded with refreshments in our "Friendship Lanai", which was highlighted with lighthearted fellowship amongst our parishioners.

After the Mass, a young family took the time to visit St. Anthony's reliquary in our church (left),
while three young parishioners looked on with awe at Our Lady's statue and relic (right)

"... All glorious is the King’s daughter as she enters,
her raiment threaded with gold;

In embroidered apparel she is led to the King.
The maids of her train are presented to the King.

They are led in with glad and joyous acclaim;
they enter the palace of the King."

~ Psalm 45:14-16  

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