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Friday, May 4, 2012

Holy Relic Visitation: Castle Hospital (Kailua), 5/3/2012

A little statue of Our Lady
stands beside a relic of her veil
Yesterday, a dear friend of mine was hospitalized for minor chest pains, accompanied by bouts of dizziness and shortness of breath.  When he called to inform me about his situation, I offered to visit with him at the hospital after I was done with work and he asked me to also bring along a relic to pray with him.

Knowing that my friend was deeply devoted to Our Blessed Mother, I brought with me the veil-relic of Our Lady during the hospital visit and I set up a little display altar in his room as a focal point for our prayer time. We then prayed to Our Lady to intercede for his health, followed by the recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet.***

Although the doctor had earlier determined that there were no serious issues with his heart, the patient still felt a little apprehensive about his condition... but the presence of Our Lady, through her relic, helped to instill in him a sense of peace.

*** NOTE:  My sick-visits with Holy Relics are NOT intended to replace the Church's  Sacrament of Healing: I simply display the relic for devotional purposes while praying with the patient to the Saint/Blessed for healing.  In situations where there is a sense of urgency, I always advocate the administering of the Sacrament of Healing by a Catholic priest.

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