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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Holy Relics Visitation, 10/15/2011: Rosary Prayer Rally

Today, I was invited by the Vargas family to participate in a Rosary prayer rally at their residence in Kailua, Oahu. The matriarch of the family - “Auntie Patty” - is a designated rally captain for “America Needs Fatima”, a national organization that promotes the Fatima Message.

Every year, on the Saturday following October 13th, America Needs Fatima organizes hundreds of Rosary prayer rallies throughout the United States with the intent of drawing down God’s blessings upon our troubled country. The Vargas residence is one of about three homes in Kailua that annually participates with the nation-wide rosary rally campaign.

The makeshift devotional altar in the Vargas home... and a closer view of the Holy Relics
of Bl. Francisco and Bl. Jacinta that were displayed for public veneration

In addition to welcoming me into their lovely home, the holy relics (1st and 2nd Class) in my personal custody of the Fatima visionaries - Blesseds Francisco and Jacinta Marto - were also welcomed by Auntie Patty and her family. A makeshift altar was set-up in their living room on which the relics were displayed for the participants to see and venerate after the end of the prayers. The presence of the child-seers through their relics was definitely a special addition to this event, which commemorated Our Lady's urgent message that they delivered and lived so worthily.

My sincere Aloha to the Vargas Ohana for their warmth and hospitality!

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