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Friday, January 23, 2015

Two Powerful Devotions; One Luminous Sign...

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.
Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Holy Face of Jesus; two devotions that have enriched my spiritual life beyond what I can adequately put into words. It's obvious from the name of my ministry - "Guadalupe House" - that I have a very deep, personal devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe... but you'll have to delve just a little deeper into this blog to know that I also wholeheartedly subscribe to, and promote, the Holy Face Devotion; in particular, the Holy Face Medal (click here to learn more about the medal).  A day ago, these two longstanding devotions of mine came together in a most remarkable and unexpected way for me, via a luminous sign that manifested in my home.

It all started when I received a call this past Wednesday evening from an acquaintance named Michelle, who extended an invitation for me to speak about the Mystical Rose Devotion (another one of my favorites!) at a women's retreat this upcoming Sunday, 1/25.  The audience will be a Catholic association of military housewives.  I ended up accepting the invitation and made a pact with Michelle to jointly pray for the women-attendees; that Our Lady would touch their hearts on behalf of her Divine Son.

On the following day - Thursday (yesterday) - I offered my early morning Rosary for the women's retreat, invoking the Blessed Virgin's help for the spiritual good of the ladies who would be participating in it.  After finishing my prayer, I began readying for work when something wonderful occurred - I happened to glance over at a large banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe hanging in my bedroom when I noticed an image of what I perceived to be the Holy Face reflected on it.  It resembled the bearded face of our Lord, as seen on the world-famous Shroud of Turin, as well as on the Holy Face Medal.  I immediately whispered a prayer of thanksgiving then excitedly reached for my cellphone and began taking photos and video, which I included in this post.

One of the things that really struck me about the entire scenario was the positioning of the Holy Face; how the image of Our Lady appeared to gaze lovingly at it, and with her hands folded, she seemed to be in prayer before the image of her Son's countenance.  I knew in my heart that Our Lady was responding to my prayer for the military women... and she was talking - interceding - with Jesus about it.  It was all so beautiful... so uplifting... and I was awed and humbled by the sight of the Holy Face-image and the spiritual presence of the Divine in my home.

In my 40+ years of life, I've have had quite a few unusual spiritual experiences - "signs", I dare say - but this latest manifestation has got to be one of the most meaningful.  Our Lady of Guadalupe, my dear Heavenly Mama... and the Holy Face of Jesus, my inspiration and strength; together in one awesome, luminous sign.  It was a message of Hope, Affirmation, and most importantly - the Love and Solicitude of Jesus and Mary for all of us.

A video I shot of the Guadalupe banner in my bedroom
with the image of the Holy Face appearing on it.

I have no doubt the women at this weekend's retreat will be touched in a powerful way by the Holy Spirit.  In fact, given this heavenly confirmation, I am already thanking God in advance for the abundant blessings he has in store for all the people involved in the retreat.  GOD IS GOOD.  Alleluia!

"O Lord, God of Hosts, restore us; cause your face to shine upon us, and we will be saved."

~ Psalm 80:19

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