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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Saint of the Month - August 2020: Irving Houle

The Servant of God
Irving C. Houle

Irving Houle, also known under the pseudonym "Francis", was an American layman; a devoted husband and father; a faithful Catholic; a renowned healer; and a victim-soul who bore the wounds of Christ on his hands and mystically suffered the Passion. He was born in Michigan on December 27th, 1925, where he also died fairly recently in 2009. Houle's life is currently being reviewed by the Church for possible Sainthood.

According to the official promoters of his Cause for Canonization, Irving was born to a large devout Catholic family from Wilson, Michigan. As a 6-year-old youngster he had a near-fatal accident after he was thrown off a galloping horse, causing him broken ribs and a punctured lung. An aunt, who was a Franciscan nun, was enlisted to pray for the boy who subsequently made a remarkable recovery.  Irving later reported to his mother that he witnessed the appearance of a "beautiful man" dressed in a "white bathrobe" during the night, who blessed the badly injured child (later confirmed to be Jesus by Houle).

Perhaps because of his experience, Irving developed a prayerful and penitential spirit from his early youth; a strong attraction to Mass and his family's routine prayer time practiced in the Houle home.

During his teen years Irving's family relocated to Escanaba, Michigan, where he attended the local high school. He occupied his time with sports, as well as, daily Mass attendance. After graduating in 1942, he enlisted in the Army and fought in World War II, after which he married his wife, Gail, in November 1948; their marriage lasted for 60 years (until Irving's passing) and produced five children.

To support his growing family, Irving held jobs in retail, manufacturing, and finally as a plant manager at Engineered Machine Products. Relatives and colleagues recall his dedication to family, his kindness, sense of humor, and consistent practice of the Catholic Faith. Houle was a member of the Knights of Columbus and, after he retired, was a daily Communicant; prayed the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet daily; and frequently practiced the Stations of the Cross. Otherwise, life was relatively routine and normal for Irving... until Lent of 1993.

Irving, in ecstasy during one of his nightly sufferings
of the Passion of Christ.

On Good Friday, 1993, Irving's life took an amazing turn - he was revisited by the Lord who commissioned him to "touch my children". At the same time, the Stigmata in his hands developed, which caused him constant pain (only these wounds remained visible while he also felt the pain of the others). Soon after receiving the sacred wounds, Irving began experiencing the Passion of Christ every night from midnight to 3:00AM for the last 16 years of his life. It was later revealed to him that these hours were the time of the day when sin was most prevalent and his recurring ordeal was in atonement for transgressions and for the conversion of sinners. Apparitions and messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary were also reported to have occurred with this mystic.

"You will continue to suffer.  This is all for
conversions; many, many will be saved."

- Words of Jesus to Irving

In addition to the nightly expiatory sufferings, Houle fulfilled the Lord's request to him by praying over thousands of people during special prayer services and other events permitted by his local bishop. It was often reported that Irving's hands emanated a strong warmth and floral scent whenever he prayed and laid hands on people, and countless cures and notable spiritual conversions resulted. It should also be emphasized that he never took payment for his services and he deflected praises directed to him by saying such words as “Jesus is the one who heals”.

"Your hands are my Son’s hands.  Continue to
evangelize.  Bring back many to the Sacrament of
Penance and to celebrate the Eucharist."

- Words of Our Lady to Irving

Irving Houle died at Marquette General Hospital on January 3rd, 2009; he was 83-years-old. His Cause for Canonization was opened by the Diocese of Marquette in November 2018, which designates this American layman as a Servant of God. Upon learning the news, Gail Houle paid tribute to her late husband, saying: "Irving is my saint and this is well deserved."

Irving Houle praying and laying hands on the Faithful.
Note the band-aids covering a hand wound.

For those interested in learning more about the life and spirituality of Irving Houle... or how to support his Cause for Canonization, click here to be redirected to the official website of the promoters of his Cause.

Bro. Irving, pray for us and
for all America!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Monthly Message of the Queen of Peace of Medjugorje: July 25th, 2020

  "Dear children!  In this peaceless time in which the devil is harvesting souls to draw them to himself, I am calling you to persevering prayer, so that in prayer you discover the God of love and hope. Little children, take the Cross in your hands.  May it be your encouragement for love to always win, in a special way now when the Cross and faith are rejected.  You be a reflection and an example with your lives that faith and hope are still alive and a new world of peace is possible.  I am with you and intercede for you before my Son, Jesus.  Thank you for having responded to my call." 

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Our Daddy-God watches over us...

"The eyes of the Lord are everywhere,
keeping watch on the wicked and the good."

~ Proverbs 15:3

As I write this blog, Hawaii is in the direct path of Hurricane Douglas - it's supposed to hit Hawaii sometime this weekend (please pray for us).  I admit I was a little anxious earlier... but something extraordinary happened that put me at peace again.

Driving home from work, earlier this evening, I was mentally preoccupied with the coming storm; wondering when it was going to hit us... and what level of impact it would make.  Intermittently, I kept saying to myself short prayers - "Lord, have mercy... God, be merciful... forgive us, Lord" - over and over when, to my surprise, a face appeared in the sky ahead of me.  It was a huge, vivid face of an older man with a moustache and full beard; His expression was both benevolent and compassionate, as he gazed down at me.

I can't say for sure it was the Lord, but without thinking, I recall spontaneously saying, "Daddy-God!"... then just took the sight in with awe and gratitude.  In my heart I heard a clear interior "voice" reassuring me that God is in control... that He is aware of what we're facing... and more importantly, He's listening and sees each and everyone of us through eyes of love and mercy, and we need to trust Him, no matter what happens.  It's a message I want to pass on to readers because they are powerful spiritual affirmations that can serve to comfort everyone of us, especially in these uncertain times of pandemic.

Below is a single photo I managed to clumsily snap.  It's blurry but I think I still managed to capture a tiny bit of the awesomeness I saw with my own eyes; enough for me to always be able to remember this special experience.  But I'll let the viewer decide on what he/she sees.

The original photo (left) - look to the upper-right... and a close-up of the face.

Come what may, let us be at PEACE.  God's will be done.  I repeat - our Heavenly Father sees usHe's paying attention to our needs.  Trust Him.

"As a father has compassion for his children,
so the LORD has compassion for those who fear Him."

Psalm 103:13

* * *  U P D A T E  7 / 2 6 / 2 0 2 0  * * *

Praises be to God!  Hurricane Douglas has bypassed the Hawaiian chain... and through divine intervention, I would dare say!  It's as though an invisible barrier precisely surrounded the eastern coastlines of our state, blocking the storm, which was originally on course to hit one or more of our islands - see the photo below of my TV screen showing the actual path the storm took.  Furthermore, there was no serious impact to any of the islands!

The news weatherman and a professor acknowledged it was an unusual turn of events, using words such as "interesting"... "a unique situation"... "I can't believe Douglas did this"... "pretty amazing stuff" to describe the manner in which the hurricane avoided Hawaii.  I couldn't agree more with them, but I give credit where credit is due...

Thank you, Heavenly Father,
for watching over us!