NOTICE: I am a practicing Catholic, active and in good-standing with my local parish, who professes faith and loyalty to the Church and our Holy Father. This "little work" is purely a personal expression of that faith and loyalty, and not an officially recognized ministry in the Diocese of Honolulu. ~ Peter

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Isaiah 53 - The Man of Sorrows

A pencil drawing I named... "Isaiah 53 ~ The Man of Sorrows"
(quality prints of this image are available to order - see below for details)
"... For he bore the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors."
Last night, Holy Saturday, I had an interesting and vivid dream.  Not sure why I dreamt it, but perhaps it was because of the True Cross relic we venerated last night at a friend's prayer meetingAnyhow, the experience impressed me so deeply, that on the following afternoon, Easter Sunday, I reached for a #2 pencil on my desk and drew what I could remember about the dream.  I just felt compelled to do it and couldn't stop until the illustration was completed about six hours later.  The above image is the end result of my poor efforts.
In my dream I saw our Lord, Jesus Christ, walking down a dark path, shouldering a very large wooden cross. His face was bruised and his dark hair was matted as his head bled profusely from wounds caused by a crown of thorns.  He was also bent forward and seemed to be in terrible pain and anguish, as the cross weighed heavily on him...
The whole thing seemed like a surreal scene from a traditional Passion Play... except when I was drawn closer to the Holy Cross, I noticed something very odd about it - I was surprised to see many, many small human faces embedded in the grain of the wood. They were countless and each face was different - male, female, young, old, etc.

As I scanned through the unfamiliar faces I saw my own face among the others and it both startled and humbled me.  I was reminded that I, too, had added to the weight of the cross through my personal sins... and I felt ashamed and sorry.  I think I would've been frightened, too, if not for the look in the Lord's eyes.  You see... as I was being slowly pulled away, Jesus lifted his head and fixed his gaze at me and the look I saw in his eyes transfixed me.  I saw Love, Mercy, and Sorrow combined into one remarkable expression, which was a stark contrast to the graphic nature of the scenario.
The above drawing is a representation of what I recall seeing in my dream, except the faces on the cross were much smaller and filled the entire cross; I couldn't depict them all on paper. Some people may find the drawing eerie (one of my friend's did), but whenever I meditate on it, I get it and I thank Jesus for its rich symbolism and its meaningful message.  It's definitely a keeper drawing for me.

After researching Bible verses on the Internet, I decided to call the drawing, "Isaiah 53 ~ The Man of Sorrows", because that particular passage includes a prophetic description of the Lord's Passion, which I found highly appropriate (click here to read the Scripture Passage).  I sometimes also find myself silently repeating the short prayer below from the Stations of the Cross whenever I look at the face in the drawing.  Again, very fitting words:
We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you... because by your Holy Cross
you have redeemed the world.  Amen.
* * * * * 4/9/2013 UPDATE ~ Relic-Prints Available! * * * * *

I received several positive feedback concerning the Isaiah 53 – The Man of Sorrows drawing… plus a few inquiries on how to obtain copies of this unique representation of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. After prayerful consideration, I am making prints available of the drawing for those who are interested in owning a copy of it. The prints were professionally copied and printed on durable linen-textured cardstock paper, suitable for matting and framing.

In addition, each print contains a red piece of fabric – representative of the Precious Blood of Christ – that was prayed over and solemnly touched to a Sacred Relic of the True Cross of Jesus Christ in my ministry’s custody, which also makes the image a 3rd Class Relic.

Q u a l i t y  P r i n t s
2 sizes of prints of the Isaiah 53 - The Man of Sorrows drawing, available on either white or sepia-toned
linen-textured cardstock.  Right Photo: a closer view of a 5"x7" sepia-toned print with the 3rd Class Relic.
(click on each photo to view large images)

* * * For orders from Foreign Addresses, please add another $1 towards shipping.  Mahalo. * * *
F r a m e d  P r i n t s
Matted & framed prints:  8 x 10 print (Right) and 5 x 7 (Left).  Very beautiful!
NOTE: The framed prints are subject to availability and frames may differ in
style and appearance from those pictured above.
* * * For orders from Foreign Addresses, please add another $5 towards shipping.  Mahalo. * * *
Proceeds from the sale of the prints will be used to support legitimate charitable causes that I personally believe in (e.g. St. Jude's Hospital), as well as towards my little work in spreading devotion to Our Lady and the Saints.

For anyone interested in purchasing prints of the Isaiah 53 – The Man of Sorrows drawing, please kindly email me at guadalupe_house@yahoo.com for ordering instructions or inquiries.  Indicate "Isaiah 53" on the subject line.  Thank you in advance for supporting my ministry.  God bless you.  ~ Peter

 * * * * * 4/25/2013 UPDATE ~ Escarchas Manifestation  * * * * *

Below is a short video of a recent episode of Escarchas materializing in connection with this ministry... it just so happened to involve one of the 8x10 prints of the Isaiah 53 Jesus drawing.

Click on the arrow to the left to view this short video.
* * * * * 5/28/2013 UPDATE ~ Escarchas Manifestation * * * * *

A little sign from our dear Lord?  Another unexpected manifestation of Escarchas... this time of a bright red flake on the shoulder of the Lord's image in an 8x10 print of the Isaiah 53 Jesus drawing (circled in the photo below).  The fact that it was a red-colored Escarcha and it appeared on the shoulder of the image could itself be taken as a symbolic message of some sort.

Click on the photo to view a larger image.

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