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Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Voice... a Cloud... and another Holy Image?

On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Fatima Apparitions in Portugal, another moment of "spiritual serendipity" with Mother Mary again manifesting her presence up in the Hawaiian sky.  

In this latest scenario, me and a dear sister-in-Christ - Dre (the leader of our Mililani Fatima Prayer Group) - had just finished a rather heavy discussion about certain spiritual topics when, not long afterwards, I mysteriously heard a deep male voice say to me, "Take a picture... my mother is in that cloud."

I looked up at the blue afternoon sky and did see a large, wispy cloud in my field of vision that didn't impress me as anything unusual... but I snapped a couple of pictures, anyway, using my cellphone. It was only after I looked at the resulting photos that I recognized an image of our Blessed Mother and the Christ Child, formed in the cloud (see below). Dre immediately discerned the images, too, after I showed it to her.  Needless to say, we were both amazed.

I also have to add that with this visible sign of the Madonna and Child, the Lord had actually answered a specific question that Dre had posed during the course of our discussion.  I won't go into detail about it... but we definitely received a concrete response, via this event and the image in the photo.

In the past week I've shown the photo to a few other friends and all of us agree on what we see - we discern Mother Mary cradling the Holy Child, who seems to be leaning his head close to his mother's chest. The Virgin's clothing is blowing in the wind and there may even be a crown on her head. Furthermore, a few people have told me that there's a long rosary dangling from Our Lady's arm, but I can't say that I see it.

I'm sure there will be viewers reading this post who'll say there's nothing in the photo but just a few random clouds; an opinion that I completely understand and appreciate... but I took the liberty of outlining the holy figures, as I clearly see them, in a copy of the picture seen below.

In lieu of the circumstances, I have faith that the image is meant to remind us of the Virgin Mary's Heavenly Queenship and her Spiritual Maternity of all humanity... with our Lord Jesus Christ, as King and Brother to us. And what timing, too - right before the centennial celebration in Fatima!  Not a coincidence.

... and, as for the voice, I'm honestly still trying to wrap my head around it.  I surmise it was the Lord and his voice had power and authority behind it when it announced Mary's presence up above: "Take a picture... my mother is in that cloud."  I couldn't help but obey the directive... and I'm grateful and beyond awed with the resulting signal grace - thank you, Jesus, for sending us your mother to be our own!

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