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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Holy Relic Visitation: Our Lady of Fatima Prayer Group, 2/22/2014

Powerful... simply powerful on so many levels. That's the best way to describe last night's Rosary Prayer Meeting at my friend, Dre's, house.

First off, even before we began our prayers, we were blessed by the manifestation of golden escarchas on a dining room table around which we sit during our meetings.  Significantly, they appeared while we were discussing the history of the Rosa Mystica apparitions so I interpreted the escarchas as a sign of the spiritual presence of our Blessed Mother with us.  Also, during the actual prayer time, the presence of the Holy Spirit was quite tangible; we felt His power moving among us, and through us... and we were privileged to witness the emotional healing of a couple of returning participants who were carrying deep-seated hurt in their hearts.

Participants, gathered together in prayer before the little devotional
altar in the home of the Gruber family. 

In addition, we were joined by two new participants who made the prayer meeting even more special.  One of the new participants is the young daughter of one of our regular group members and she happens to be very active with her parish's large youth group, which got us even more fired-up.  When it comes to young people, we are enthusiastic in trying to help them experience the love and spiritual embrace of the Lord and Our Lady; all in the hopes that it will draw them to a deeper and lasting faith-relationship with God. After all, the youth will one day be our future and it gives me hope for a brighter tomorrow when I see young people seeking after the Lord.  So I'd like to encourage viewers who read this blog to also pray for the spiritual well-being of children and young adults throughout the world.

Golden escarchas (some circled in the right photo) appeared, as we discussed 
the background story of the Rosa Mystica pilgrim statue on the family's altar. 

And finally, after our prayers were finished, the rest of the evening was occupied by a Korean-themed Potluck. We had much to celebrate - several recently answered prayer petitions - and our fellowship dinner was a great way to do it. Among the array of delicious food we feasted on were Kim Chee, Chop Chae, Kalbi, Spicy Chicken Wings, and Mandoo. We even had a few sips of strawberry-flavored Soju (Korean rice wine), which was the perfect nightcap for the evening!

Even now, as I write this particular posting, I can still sense the grace of the Holy Spirit... that's how powerful last night's prayer meeting was, and I am humbled and grateful.  All thanks and praises be to God always!

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