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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pilgrim Statue Visitation: May Statue-Crowning Ceremony, 5/6/2012

Parishioners gathered in our main hall to honor Our Lady & our children lined up to offer her leis
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Hail, Holy Queen
Many  Catholics  are  familiar  with  the  fact  that  the month of May is traditionally dedicated to Mary. May, in particular, represents the blooming of new life; the month of flowers. The Faithful around the world combine their love for the Blessed Virgin, the beauty of  flowers, and their faith in Eternal Life by adorning statues of Our Lady with floral crowns and garlands during this month. In Hawaii, we use our version of the floral garland - the "lei" - to sometimes decorate images of Jesus, the Blessed Mother, and the Saints.

Today, my parish of St. Anthony’s Church in Kailua celebrated a May Statue-Crowning Ceremony in keeping with time-honored traditions. After the 8:30am Mass, our students from the children's catechism program and their families were invited to the crowning ceremony during which the children came forward to offer various fragrant leis to our Blessed Mother, as represented by my lovely Rosa Mystica pilgrim statue; a crown of mini-roses was the finishing touch to the ceremony. 

A short video from my parish's statue-crowning event 

Marian hymns were also sung during the statue-crowning, and afterwards, we had the opportunity to preview my parish's Scriptural Rosary DVD Project, which we've been diligently working on for the past year; it was well-received by those present. All-in-all, it was a wonderful morning gathering and a triumph of the Blessed Mother in our parish; I've never seen my statue look so radiant and happy!  Ad Jesum Per Mariam!

Parents and children watching a preview of our parish's Scriptural Rosary DVD Project
(note the unusual ball of blue light hovering near the Blessed Mother's statue)

Coronation Prayer to Mary

O, Blessed Mary, today we crown you as Queen of our parish.
We affirm and re-affirm that you are our dear mother,
so merciful, grateful, and powerful;
the Queen of our lives, our hearts, and souls.
With every Rosary that we pray, a crown of roses is made for you;
woven with all our Faith, Hope, and Love.
Please, mother… protect, help, and guide us.  Amen.

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