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Saturday, December 5, 2015

First Saturday Parish Rosary at St. Anthony of Padua Church, 12/5/2015

A panoramic view of our Day Chapel at St. Anthony of Padua Church in Kailua.

Today's First Saturday Rosary prayer meeting at my parish was the last one for 2015.  We've been doing this for the past five years and I always get a little nostalgic whenever the December meeting comes around.  I recall the blessings and signal graces witnessed and/or received - answered prayers, appearance of escarchas, the tangible spiritual presence of the Blessed Mother, and new friends made - during the past year and I am full of heartfelt gratitude.  I also get excited, looking forward to the upcoming prayer meeting in January and all the hope and anticipation of continued blessings that the new year suggests.

Praying for God's Divine Peace to descend within our hearts,
homes, our country... and upon the world.

I'm happy to say today's meeting was well-attended despite the hustle and bustle of the busy Holiday Season.  Many of the faithful regulars showed up, along with several first-timers of which many had just come straight from the confessional; grace-filled souls ready to intercede - powerful!  In fact, one of our most recent regular participants - an 84-year-old woman - had just lost her sister this morning... yet she came to the meeting, anyway, so she could pray the Holy Rosary with our group for the repose of her sister's soul.  What deep faith.  I was moved.

So being that we're in Advent Season, we appropriately reflected on the Joyful Mysteries this month... offering the merits of each Mystery to our Heavenly Father for the intention of Peace in our troubled World.  I also displayed my ministry's relic of St. Lucy on the display altar.  Her name, meaning "light", was a message in itself to us on so many levels.  You can read about St. Lucy's life by clicking here.

A 2nd Class Relic of St. Lucy on display at this month's prayer meeting and a
parishioner venerating the relics of Our Lady and St. Lucy after the meeting.

After the meeting ended, we wished each other a Merry, Blessed Christmas before dispersing back into the world outside our Day Chapel.  I extend my Christmas Greeting to all who are reading this blog.  May your Advent be filled with blessings of every sort and your Christmas joyous and CHRIST-filled.  God bless us all.

The next First Saturday Rosary at St. Anthony of Padua Church in Kailua will be prayed on January 2nd, 2016.  All are welcome to participate.

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