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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Holy Relics Visitation: Our Lady of Fatima Prayer Group, 7/27/2013

We were pleasantly surprised by a great grace tonight.  Someone we had been praying for to attend our monthly prayer meeting finally showed up... unexpectedly... after having been very resistant to the Rosary for almost a year.  She was our host's sister, who also brought her young daughter to pray with us and, as it turned out, they both had a wonderful evening with the group.  They seemed genuinely moved by the heartfelt prayers and also enjoyed the company of the regular monthly participants.  Thanks be to God.

So tonight we venerated the memory and holy relic of St. Maria Goretti (d. 1902), and it was providentially appropriate given there were children present, as well as the recent focus on the World Youth Day events in Brazil.  Our prayer participants were especially impressed by the powerful message of FORGIVENESS exemplified in the young life of St. Maria, including her courageous witness of faith in defending her purity with her life.  I emphasized to the group how this young Martyr should serve as an inspiration and encouragement to all of us in our spiritual journey; how we, too, could aspire to some measure of sanctity if even a child (St. Maria) could somehow manage to become such an iconic Saint.

After the prayers ended we eagerly proceeded to our customary meal that always followed... and being our theme was "Italian" tonight for our potluck dinner, we enjoyed a buffet spread of three types of pasta dishes, along with fresh salad and garlic bread.  There was also a tasty Filipino veggie and coconut milk dish present, which added variety to the meal.  Dre's "Pistachio Delight" dessert and the lively conversation that we laughingly shared afterwards were also a welcomed treat.

Again, it was another powerful prayer meeting highlighted by answered prayers, loving Christian fellowship, and delicious food!  Something that we rightfully gave glory and praise to God for.

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