NOTICE: I am a practicing Catholic, active and in good-standing with my local parish, who professes faith and loyalty to the Church and our Holy Father. This "little work" is purely a personal expression of that faith and loyalty, and not an officially recognized ministry in the Diocese of Honolulu. ~ Peter

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A little about me and this ministry...

Motto: Ad Jesum Per Mariam
(To Jesus Through Mary)

Peace and Blessings ~ Welcome to the Guadalupe House blogsite!

My name is Peter and I am an office worker from the island of Oahu, Hawaii (USA). I served my local parish church of St. Anthony of Padua in Kailua as a Eucharistic Minister and as a children’s catechist, and my other interests include reading, writing, drawing, and hagiography. For almost 9 years, I hosted weekly rosary prayer meetings in my home, which were attended by family, friends, and even a few priests.

My personal religious devotions are centered in the Holy Face of Our Lord and to our Blessed Mother Mary. I also harbor a deep reverence for the various Saints, Blesseds, and Servants of God of the Roman Catholic Church, and for their respective Holy Relics.

The outdoor shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe at my former studio and some of the people who
regularly attended weekly prayer meetings at the place we came to call 'Guadalupe House'

In my home, I have an altar/shrine on which the Holy Face and the Madonna are honored, along with several Sacred Relics that were donated to me by friends, prayer group members, and various religious associations. Visitors to my home - 'Guadalupe House' - are encouraged to venerate the Holy Relics and to pray for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and the Saints for their various needs. Many conversions, favors, and remarkable signs have resulted for which we thank and praise the Lord.

A Pilgrim Statue Visitation and a Saints & Holy Relics Presentation
(both at St. Anthony of Padua Church, Kailua)

In recent years, Guadalupe House has evolved to become a personal lay-ministry, and assisted by my family and friends, aims at further spreading devotion to Our Lady and the Saints through a Pilgrim Statue and Holy Relics visitation program. I share my large Rosa Mystica statue and the Holy Relics in my custody through home/hospital visitations, at parish festivities, speaking presentations, and at the monthly First Saturday Rosary for Peace at St. Anthony of Padua Church, Kailua. 

My personal goal is to inspire people by sharing the lives, miracles,
and faith-examples of Our Lady and the Saints

This work and blogsite have been placed under the patronage and protection of Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich and St. Philomena, and is dedicated to spreading devotion, interest, and the spiritual message of the following:

Thank you for taking the time to visit. May you come away from this site with a deeper love for God, and a greater appreciation of the important role that Our Lady and the Saints play in the Lord's plan of salvation. God bless you and may Our Lady and the Saints watch over you.

In Christ United,

Guadalupe House Ministry
Honolulu, Hawaii (USA) 96816

The Holy Relics pictured in this blogsite are not for sale or general distribution. They are used in my personal apostolate to promote devotion to their respective Saints, Blesseds, and/or Servants of God. Email-requests for relics, or contact information, will not be responded to.

It is not my intention to anticipate the judgment of the Church in regards to the unapproved apparition sites presented in this blogsite, or in regards to the Servants of God who are being investigated for possible Sainthood. Any statements presented herein are simply my personal opinions and I submit to the final judgment of the Catholic Church in regards to these matters.

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