NOTICE: I am a practicing Catholic, active and in good-standing with my local parish, who professes faith and loyalty to the Church and our Holy Father. This "little work" is purely a personal expression of that faith and loyalty, and not an officially recognized ministry in the Diocese of Honolulu. ~ Peter

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Photo Gallery of Little Signs

Below is a collection of unusual photographs related to my prayer group that used to gather weekly when I lived in Enchanted Lakes (Kailua) from 1994 to 2004.  Also included are more recent photos pertaining to my current "Guadalupe House" lay-ministry.  The photos show what I personally believe to be "little signs" of the presence of our Lord and our Blessed Mother in my life and work.

I'm a strong believer that God is very close to us and speaks to us often through even the most ordinary of things such as a beautiful tree on the side of the road, a cloud formation that reminds us of something dear, or certain circumstances that occur in our day-to-day lives.  His presence is truly all around us, waiting to be recognized if we but see with the eyes of Faith.  I affirm that none of these photos have been manipulated in any way... and they're certainly NOT intended to convince anyone that there's divine intervention going on in my home, or that I'm some sort of seer or miracle-worker. 

The more important signs were the ones which remain unseen - the Peace, the Love, the Healing, and the positive Spiritual Conversion that have occurred in peoples' lives as a result of the many prayers that connect us intimately with God.  I hope the viewer finds the photos edifying, or at the very least, interesting and thought-provoking.

~ A Smile from Heaven ~

This unusual photo was snapped in May 1994, of the sky directly above the prayer garden at my former studio. When it was developed (it was taken with film camera), unexpectedly, it showed what appears to be a pair of lips curved in a delicate smile, complete with the indentation above the upper lip.  The color of the sky also assumed the color of flesh, which makes the image appear more so like the lower-half of a human face.  My prayer group interpreted this picture to be a sign of Our Lady's pleasure at all the prayers that were being offered during the weekly prayer meetings, which had recently been started at that time.

~ The Golden Madonna ~

This photo of the sky was taken in mid-1994 shortly after we started our prayer group in Enchanted Lakes.  Prior to snapping the picture, I asked Our Lady to give me a sign as confirmation that we were doing the right thing in starting up the rosary prayer meetings. When the film was developed, I noticed a strange image to the left of the large cloud in the photo, which wasn't present at the time of the picture-taking.  It resembled a traditional image of a Madonna-like figure all in gold with a blue halo around the head area (compare to sketch at upper-right).

~ A Face on the Wall ~

This photo was taken on the morning of July 29th, 1995, after I had prayed the rosary in my prayer garden in Enchanted Lakes.  It shows sunlight shining through the trees, and oddly, the light and shadows seemed to form a rustic image on the wall beside the garden resembling the face of Our Lord, crowned with thorns.  Coincidentally, I also happen to be highly devoted to the Holy Face of Jesus and was deeply touched by this unusual manifestation of light.  The image remained clear and visible during, and after the rosary, but shortly after I took this photo a strong gust of wind blew through the trees above me making the image unrecognizable.

~ A Lady of Light ~

This photo shows me standing next to another unusual light formation on the wall next to my prayer garden.  The sunlight appears to form an image of the Virgin Mary in profile (my hand is pointing to the head of the figure - compare to sketch at upper right).  Incidentally, this image appeared as I was reciting the rosary on the morning of August 5th, 1995. According to the Medjugorje seers, Our Lady once revealed her actual birth date to them as August 5th and I was offering the rosary prayer to her as a gift. Instead, I feel like I'm the one who received a gift although it wasn't even my birthday.

~ Heaven's Plea for the Unborn ~

This photo of the sky was taken sometime in 1995... at first glance it appears to show nothing but the sky and the clouds, but a prayer group member pointed out a possible image/sign formed in the shadows of the clouds.  At the bottom-right corner of the photo, the shadows seem to form an uncanny image of a human fetus (see inset).  From the start of our prayer meetings, our group had included prayers for the protection of unborn babies growing in the wombs of their mothers.  Perhaps this photo was meant as a confirmation and encouragement from our Lord, that we continue to offer prayers for the protection of the unborn and to end abortion throughout the world.

~ The Light of the Holy Spirit ~

This remarkable photo taken of my prayer garden was taken sometime in late 1995.  At first it didn't appear out-of-the-ordinary to me but then a friend pointed out what he believed to be the Holy Spirit in the light above the wooden cross at the center of the photo.  The light seems to form the image of a huge dove in flight, facing to the left of the photo (compare to sketch at upper-left).  We interpreted the image to represent the special presence of the Holy Spirit and the abundant spiritual gifts that He had been granting at the garden shrine during our weekly prayer meetings.

~ The Gate of Heaven ~

This old polariod photo of the sky above my former garden prayer-shrine appears to show a door of light, or a gateway, formed in the sky above the trees.  This was taken shortly before a prayer meeting and, incidentally, one of Our Lady's beautiful titles listed in the Litany of Loretto is "Gate of Heaven".

~ The "Bleeding" Candle ~
(and a Miraculous Healing)

This photo shows a standard 10-inch votive candle that was brought to a meeting by a lady-friend - "Julie" - who was suffering from severe headaches caused by an inoperable brain growth.   She had been attending our meetings regularly to pray for a cure and noticed a steady decrease in pain as each week passed.  On one of our Feast Day prayer meetings, Julie offered the lit candle to Our Lady of Guadalupe as a way of thanking her and placed it near the outdoor shrine.  At the end of the next week's prayer meeting, the candle finally went out and it was discovered that a red, blood-like fluid had appeared at the bottom of the bottle although the candle was made of white wax.

Julie later testified at a later meeting that her doctor had informed her of the unexplainable disappearance of the growth in her brain!  I was asked to keep the candle and to share it as a testimony to Our Lady of Guadalupe's powerful intercession and her loving compassion towards those who seek her help.  The fluid is dry and crusty now and has never been officially tested for blood... for us, the miracle lies not in the candle itself but in Julie's healing.  She continues to be a grateful and devoted child of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

~ A Second Appearance of a Mysterious Face ~

I took this photo towards the end of 1995.  At the time I noticed a strange image on the wall next to Our Lady's garden that resembled a bearded face (see inset) formed by light and shadows.  The face had actually appeared while I was home for lunch, saying a few prayers in front of a garden statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe.  I was able to capture the image using a polaroid camera and my prayer group members and I interpreted it to be a little sign, representing the Holy Face of Christ to which I am greatly devoted.

~ A Profile in Wax ~

This photo shows a large clump of wax formed from dozens of melted candles that were lit on a stone in Our Lady's Garden during our weekly rosary prayer meetings at my former apartment in Enchanted Lakes, Kailua. Strangely, these candles would often remain lit during our entire prayer time despite the heavy breezes that were common in the area of the yard!  The clump of wax, to our amazement, eventually formed itself - without any human manipulation - into a clear profile of the head of Christ, crowned with thorns, as illustrated in the inset.

~ Our Lady in the Trees ~

This photo was taken shortly after the end of one of our evening prayer meetings.  There was a full moon that night and I was struck by the beauty of the moon and how it appeared like a pure white Host in the darkness of the sky. After the photo was developed, I noticed an unusual figure in the upper-right corner of the photograph.  Upon closer inspection, the figure resembled a classic silhouette of the Madonna with hands folded in prayer (refer to the inset at lower left), somewhat like the Virgin of Guadalupe, the beloved Patroness of my former prayer group.

~ Baptism by the Holy Spirit ~

This photo was taken in 1997 during a pilgrimage made by me and some of my prayer group members to St. Maria Goretti Parish Church in Scottsdale, Arizona; site of alleged Marian apparitions during the late 80s and early 90s.  We had just finished participating in the parish's Youth Group Prayer Meeting when the photo was taken in the front of the church grounds near the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.  When the film was later developed, it showed a mysterious fiery globe hovering above our little group, showering us with a cascade of light.  It reminds me of the following scripture passage:

John (the Baptist) answered them all, 'I baptize you with water but one
more powerful than I will come, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie.
He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with Fire.'
~ Luke 3:16

~ An Angel in the Office ~

This photo shows a wooden office door at a building I used to work at near the Honolulu airport. In 1999, a few coworkers and myself began to discretely meet each morning in one of our offices to begin our work day with a brief spiritual meditation and a prayer. Shortly after we started our little "prayer group", a lady-coworker and I noticed something odd about one of the office doors that none of us ever saw before - the wood grain pattern on the door had a distinct image of what we perceived to be a praying Angel.
We could clearly discern the outline of a human figure with hands together in prayer, wearing a long robe, and with two "wings" that outstretched behind it (compare to the highlighted image on the right). We pointed out the Angel to the rest of our coworkers and all of them were amazed by the uncanny image. We all agreed that we've passed the very same door on countless occasions but never noticed the figure until that time. Whether the image was a heavenly sign, or not, we all accepted it as a blessing from God and affectionately nicknamed the image, our "Guardian Angel".

For several months the angel-image brought us much encouragement and comfort as we continued praying every morning. But sadly, the following year, our department transferred to an entirely different building so we had to bid our Guardian Angel goodbye.  At least I have this photo to fondly recall the wonderful blessings we shared during our morning prayer time.

~ Image of Our Lady of Sorrows ~

This photo shows an unusual stain, about 5 inches tall, which appeared on a palm tree growing in my former garden prayer-shrine. Strikingly, it resembled a classic silhouette of the Virgin Mary surrounded by a golden aura.  Although not seen in the above-photo, a faint cross is also visible on the bark of the tree to the upper-right of the silhouette.  I personally interpret this incident to be a message from Our Lady... she stands at the foot of the Cross, sorrowfully garbed in black, calling us to conversion and prayer.

~ The "Good Shepherd Tree" ~

The photo shown above is of the trunk of a palm tree that was growing next to Our Lady’s garden shrine.  One day, sometime in 2003, my friends and I noticed an unusual stain on the tree trunk, which in the opinion of a few prayer group members, resembled an image of Jesus as the “Good Shepherd”, complete with a curved shepherd’s staff (see the sketch in the inset).  Not quite sure what to make of this one... I kind of see it, but my friends are insistent that they can see a likeness of Jesus outlined in the stain.  ‘am including it here for viewer consideration and discernment.

~ The Virgin Mary Pebble ~

This photo shows a unique little sand pebble, enshrined in a wooden reliquary that I handmade especially for it. The small stone within it is so special, and personally significant to me, I treasure it as a sacred relic and display it in a prominent place on my home altar.  I call it my "Virgin Mary Pebble".

I found the 1/2 inch pebble in early 2004 while praying at Lanikai Beach, Kailua.  I was going through an anxious time due to a chronic digestive condition and was awaiting medical testing later that week.  As I prayed on the beach, I was absent-mindedly picking up clumps of sand and throwing them into the ocean; this pebble remained sticking to one of my fingers and I was immediately struck by its remarkable resemblance to a classic Madonna-and-Child figure.  My heart was eased as I took it to be a personal reassurance from Our Lady that all would be well... which it did.  Thanks and Praises be to God and Our Blessed Mother!

~ An Encounter with Poor Souls ~

This photo captures the appearance of three large "orbs" of light in my bedroom in January and February, 2007.  Because of the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the appearance of these globes of bluish light, I considered them to be signs of Poor Souls from Purgatory to whom I also have a strong devotion.  To read the story behind this photo, click here.

~ Our Lady's Response to a Prayer ~


The photos on the left and right are actually of a little piece of blue soap that has an interesting story behind it… in late-May 2009 I had been debating with myself as to whether or not I should order another statue of the Blessed Virgin.  I was shopping around for a church-sized statue that was at least 3-feet-tall to use for my lay-ministry's devotional purposes and found a few prospects on the Internet.
To make a long story short, I found a reasonably-priced 38" Rosa Mystica statue that I was strongly interested in but I was still undecided about ordering it.  I recall mentally asking the Blessed Mother for a positive sign if she wanted me to buy the statue and then walked into my bathroom to brush my teeth.  That’s when I happened to glance into the bathtub and noticed the soap dish had fallen off the shower wall; lying next to it was the soap, which coincidentally, had somehow melted into the distinct shape of a woman wearing a veil! I immediately recognized a feminine profile of a head and torso, and even the veil-part of the image was a different shade of blue, which defined it from the rest of the body (click on the photos to view larger images).

I didn't need any more prodding after seeing the "Soap-Madonna" so I ordered the statue immediately - it has since become my personal ministry's much-traveled pilgrim statue (center photo), which has been a tremendous blessing to me and many others.

~ In the Shadow of the Rosa Mystica ~

In the late evening of Friday, June 4, 2010, I was sitting in our family room beside our shrine to the Rosa Mystica saying a few prayers before I turned in for the night. As I was sitting in near-dark conditions, I happened to glance towards an old TV stand beside the home altar on which was placed our prayer petition box and a few floral decorations... and noticed an image behind the stand. Remarkably, it was a shadow-figure that clearly resembled a discernable silhouette of the Blessed Virgin in profile (circled above).
After staring for several minutes, I became more convinced that it was too clear to be a simple coincidence so I quickly called over a cousin and an aunt to come and see the mysterious figure, as well. Both agreed that it really did resemble a profile of the Holy Mother praying, and we all sat together for long while quietly offering prayers of gratitude and petition. 

Interestingly, the image had been formed by light casting a shadow over a vase holding three large roses (familiar?)  We all concluded that it was another sign from Our Lady - the Rosa Mystica - reassuring us of her loving presence in our home.

~ Luminous Manifestations ~


Above are a handful of photos taken during the past three years at a few of my lay-ministry's speaking presentations and pilgrim statue/holy relic visitations at St. Anthony's Church and St. John Vianney's Church in Kailua.  Some of the many photos taken at these events have captured unusual globes of blue or white light - orbs - in varying sizes and intensities hovering near my pilgrim statue or the relics (click on the photos to view larger images).  I interpret them to be signs of Our Lady's spiritual presence, or the presence of the Saints whose relics are also at the venue.

~ A Testimony to Our Lady of Guadalupe ~

This photo, taken  almost a year ago in December 2011, shows a Pikake flower with what I believe to be an image representing Our Lady of Guadalupe in the center of it.  The image on the flower is just one of a few other blessings I received on that day.  To read the story behind this photo and to view other images of the flower, click here.

~ The Madonna of the Clouds ~

I took this photo in the early morning hours of March 3rd, 2012... and it shows what I perceive to be a clear image of Our Lady carrying the Christ Child. The remarkable story behind this photo and a short video may be viewed by clicking here.

~ The Mighty Hand of God ~

Another photo of an unusual cloud formation, this time taken in June 2012.  I call this photo the "Hand of God" due to its uncanny and strong resemblance to a hand with five fingers.  The encouraging story behind this photo and its relevant significance may be read by clicking here.

~ Manifestations of Escarchas ~


Since late-June 2012, Escarchas - mystical shimmering dust particles -  have been manifesting intermittently in relation to my ministry's activities involving my Rosa Mystica pilgrim statue and the Sacred Relics of the Saints and Blesseds in my custody.  The photos shown above visually document some of the appearances of the mysterious substance in the recent past, including an astounding crystalline "pearl" (right photo - click to enlarge image) that appeared at my feet while I was praying the Stations of the Cross in a church.  Details and other photos about the appearances of the Escarchas may be read here and here.

~ St. Marianne Mystery Photo ~

This photo with its clear image of a mysterious man in period clothing was taken during a prayer meeting at a friend's house in October 2012. The identity of the man is unclear, but based on feedback from a couple of knowledgeable sources, we speculate that it could be an image of a former Bishop of Honolulu - Bishop Louis Désiré Maigret - who died in June 1882, the year before St. Marianne Cope arrived in Hawaii. One source informed me that Bishop Maigret was the person who was instrumental in extending an invitation to female religious to come to our islands to minister to the lepers.  Click here to read the background story of the photo.

~ Another Holy Face Photo ~

Above, I present another photo of an unusual light/shadow formation, this time taken on the morning of December 29, 2012.  It captures an uncanny image - which to me and the friend who witnessed it - resembled the Holy Face of Jesus to which I am strongly devoted. The story behind this photo and its relevant significance may be read by clicking here.

~ Blessings of Escarchas from Jesus ~

A short video filmed to record a manifestation of
Escarchas on April 25th.

A red Escarcha that manifested - significantly! - on the shoulder of our Lord's
image on another print on May 25th (click on photo to view larger image).

On Thursday, April 25th and a month later on Tuesday May 28th, 2013, our good Lord again unexpectedly graced me and my family with Escarchas.  These latest manifestations of the shiny flakes of Manna involved green, red, and silver Escarchas that were small and fine in texture... and which mysteriously appeared on two separate prints of my artwork - a depiction of Christ carrying his Holy Cross - entitled, "Isaiah 53 - The Man of Sorrows".  Click on the top image above to view a short video showing a few of the Escarchas shining brightly, or click here for more information about the Isaiah 53 drawing.

~ "I will put enmity between you and the woman..." ~

"I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed:
she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel."
~ Genesis 3:15 (Douay Rheims translation)

This unusual photo of my Rosa Mystica pilgrim statue was taken while it was staying in the home of a friend of mine. The family had been experiencing paranormal phenomena in the form of mysterious shadows that were seen roaming the home at night... so the statue was sent in the hopes that its blessed presence, and Rosary Prayers offered before it, would help end the spooky sightings.

After the statue was set-up in the living room, I took this photo to capture the visit on film.  I hadn't noticed anything strange when I first took the picture, but it was only after I downloaded the photo unto my laptop that I discovered the uncanny images of two demonic entities (circled) flanking Our Lady's statue and looking up at it defiantly.  I later learned from my friend that his mother was regularly consulting with a medium/psychic and had a deck of Tarot Cards stashed in her dresser (something my friend didn't condone).  Having gone through my on terrifying brush with occult forces, it was clear to me what the true nature of the shadows were in the home, and why there were there.  To read more about this photo and its significance, click here.

~ Roxy's Blessing ~

A fetus-shaped pebble (compare to the inset photo) found by a woman
immediately after praying to Our Lady for help in conceiving a baby.

The pebble shown above was found by a parishioner, "Roxy" - under her foot - moments after she had silently prayed holding Our Lady's veil-relic at the end of our 8/3/2013 First Saturday Rosary for Peace at St. Anthony of Padua Church, Kailua.  Oddly enough, the pebble bears an uncanny resemblance to a human embryo - a tiny baby - which, incidentally, was the intent of the petition Roxy was making to the Blessed Mother.  The woman was having difficulties in conceiving a child and asked Mary's help in having a baby.  Shortly after, she stepped on something in our Day Chapel, and when she picked it up, it was this odd-shaped pebble.  We're now waiting to see if Roxy's prayer will be answered in the few upcoming months.

~ Another Appearance of the Holy Face ~

The photo above captures another appearance of the Holy Face involving my Guadalupe House ministry.  The image appeared on a large banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe hanging in my bedroom on the morning of Thursday, 1/22/2015. Significantly, I had just finished praying the Holy Rosary for a group of women who were making a spiritual retreat.  For details concerning this event and to view a short video of it, click here.

~ A Christmas Blessing ~

The above photos were taken 12/23/2015, in Chula Vista, California. They appeared on a palm tree on the grounds of the townhouse complex where I was visiting with my sister. Remarkably, on the tree, clear images of the Blessed Virgin and a dove were visible just a few days before Christmas. Read more about this photo here.

~ The Heart of the Eucharist ~

The photo posted above was taken on Sunday, 5/29/2016 - the Feast of Corpus Christi - at Mary Star of the Sea Church in Honolulu. The Blessed Sacrament was exposed for adoration prior to Mass when I felt strongly compelled to snap a photo of the altar. A resulting photo showed what appeared to me to be a striking likeness of the Sacred Heart of Jesus formed by light at the top of the monstrance (there is no image of the Sacred Heart on the monstrance). Read more about this photo here.

~ Our Lady's statue moves in prayer ~

The video posted above was filmed during a friend's Rosary Prayer Meeting on Saturday, 8/17/2016.  During the recitation of the Rosary I observed the Rosa Mystica statue that we use for our group's devotional purposes moving its lips, as though Our Lady was praying with us. I discretely filmed the statue in an attempt to capture the movement, which I may have succeeded in doing so.  To read more about this video, click here.

~ A Lady, clothed in white, brighter than the sun... ~

The photo shown above was taken on the evening of Thursday, 2/2/2017, at St. George Church in Waimanalo (Oahu), Hawaii.  The world-famous International Pilgrim Statue of Fatima was making a visit there as part of its Hawaii leg of the Fatima Centennial Tour for Peace that is making its way across the USA.  I took several photos during the event and this one was clearly extraordinary - the statue (circled in red) is mysteriously replaced by a brilliant silhouette of the Madonna (the face of the woman in the foreground was intentionally blurred).  It recalls to mind the description of Our Lady of Fatima once given by Sr. Lucia, one of the visionaries of these Portuguese apparitions: "A lady, clothed in white, brighter than the sun, radiating a light more clear and intense than a crystal cup filled with sparkling water lit by burning sunlight."  To read more about this event, click here.

~ The "Fatima Cloud" ~

This unusual photo was snapped on Saturday, April 8, 2017, after the 5:00pm vigil Mass at St. Anthony of Padua Church in Kailua. It was the eve of Palm Sunday. My busy day job and the somber season of Lent had taken a toll on me, and I was feeling exhausted and even a bit down as Holy Week approached. After the Mass ended, I walked out to my car and happened to look up at the sky to gauge the time and weather. This was what I saw in the sky across the street from the church - a ghostly figure, that I personally believe, represents Our Lady of Fatima, as it closely resembles a Fatima pilgrim statue. The outline of the long veil, the areas where the face and hands are joined together in prayer, are all discernible in the image that juts up among the other wispy clouds. I took the occurrence to be a sign from our Blessed Mother - an encouragement to "hang in there" - which immediately lifted my spirit. To read a bit more about this photo, click here.

~ Just before the Fatima Centennial... ~

This image of the Madonna and Divine Child was photographed on the eve of the centennial of the first Fatima apparition in Portugal on May 13, 1917.  Unlike most of the photos seen in this album, I actually didn't see the holy figures, at first, but was prompted to photograph the cloud by a mysterious voice, which said, "Take a picture... my mother is in that cloud."  I took a couple of photos and, sure enough, there was Our Lady.  For details about this photo, please click here.

~ God is present everywhere... ~

This image, simply put, reminds me that God is present everywhere.  We just have to open our hearts to Him in order to recognize His presence around us... and, sometimes, He confirms He is around with a little sign.  I believe this event was one of those signs. For details about this photo, please click here.

~ Under the shadow of an Angel's wings ~

I may have captured an angel on camera.  It happened on the night of Monday, December 4th, 2017, while I waiting for the even's scheduled "super moon" to rise.  I had gone through a serious health crisis just the day before and was ordered by my doctor to stay home and rest for a few days.  So on the first night home from work, I decided to sit outside in the yard to get some fresh air and to see if I could catch a glimpse of the moon.  Being somewhat concerned over what was happening with my health, I quietly prayed as I waited for the moon to rise above the horizon.

When the soft light of the moon finally did begin to appear through the large clouds, the sight was beautifully surreal.  I had to take a few photos.  The next day I browsed through the batch of pictures and was surprised to discover a shadowy figure in two of the photos (the better of the two is posted above).  It reminded me of an angel with outstretched wings and I was immediately comforted.  I saw in this recent manifestation - the angelic image - God's reassurance of help.

Closer views of the angel-figure in the sky (circled in yellow)... and outlined
in the photo to the right.

At first I interpreted the figure to represent St. Michael the Archangel... but I've since changed my mind.  The name "Raphael" now resonates in my head each time I look at the picture and perhaps it is a representation of this other archangel.  After all, the Church considers St. Raphael to be the angel of healing - his name means, "God heals".

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